Helping Sufferers And Their Families

My eldest daughter was diagnosed with JRA at only 15 months old, then my youngest daughter was diagnosed with the same at 6 years old.

My children are now 21 and 18 years old I have a vast knowledge on the effects caused to family life and treatments which have help and treatments which have left is scares.............For this reason we started G.R.A.C.E. CHARITY (Give Rheumatoid Arthritic Children Encouragement) at please feel free to share and use both our website, Facebook, google account and Twitter we would love to swap stories and help where we can.

Randal Boyd

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Babies and wee children with RD.....doesn't bare thinking about. Good luck to you and your remarkable children, hope your charity does well. Jean.

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Congratulations on this web site and look forward to hearing of your family's experiences. Sandra


We had a child with Juvenile Arthritis in our family so have some idea how it is. I'm pretty sure we've had questions from parents in the past about JA, they would have found your site helpful. Good luck at raising awareness.


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