If you are on biologic treatment we want to know if and how you are being possibly switched to a biosimilar. Tick all that apply.

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  • Rather sudden

  • I am aware of biosimilars but no one has discussed me being switched and I haven't been as yet. Next medication batch being delivered in 2 weeks time so will be interesting to see what I receive now!

  • Same and that wasn't an option in the question

  • I was looking for that option in the survey too!

  • Even though I was happy with the procedure of being switched, I had a reaction to the biosimilar and have now been put back on Enbrel.

  • I should of had the choice to switch or not. No guarantee that new biosimilar will work the same.

  • It's all down to cost......because the original Biologics were the first they were extremely expensive to make.

    As I understand it (?) now the patents on the originals (like when we started buying paracetamol instead of Panadol) are expiring & scientists can now 'copy' what they can find in the original.....but it won't be exactly the same.....but should have the same effect.

    So because most of the expensive research had been done the biosimilars aren't as expensive....I think by about 50%!

    So good old Dr NHS is taking this route ....I suppose it might be one way of more people being able to access Biologics?

    That is how it was explained to me....hope I didn't get the wrong end of the stick!

  • I have not been switched but DO know about biosimilars

  • May I'm being a bit dim but what is biosimilars?

  • I must be a bit dim to I have not heard of biosimilar either I take Simponi and its the only one so far that hasn't made me ill so they will have a fight on there hands if they change it. I guess its a cheaper version drug to save money.

  • See AgedCrone's explanation above. I could not have explained it any better .

  • nras.org.uk/data/files/Publ...

    You will find the above article worth a read to introduce or visit the NRAS website for other information on biosimilars


  • Not heard of this but have an appointment at hospital in December so maybe they will say something then. We have enough to put up with without our meds being messed about with.

  • I no nothing about biosimilars. I guess I need to research!

  • although I selected know nothing about biologics this is incorrect but the closest to fit my reply. I am aware of them but my rheumatologist is not switching people who are currently on biologics and having a successful response.

  • I'm switching in 4 weeks, no option just being told ur going onto this, no meeting to discuss! been on enbrel 6 years no probs at all!! told rheumy not happy, they said we have no choice it's come from higher up!! won't even give me a steroid injection in wrist now even though I can't move them, all because it's not red and inflamed!! same crap every year!! how I love cut backs!!!

  • The options for the poll should have one that reads:

    I have not been switched but am aware of Biosimilars......the only option was not

    switched and know nothing....So I checked it but, I do know about Biosimilars

  • only just gone on Enbrel hope they don't change me as for the first time in 6yrs I feel much better

  • switched from Enbrel with disastrous relapse oh the pain!

  • Was discussed with me and given the option to switch, so far I have been allowed to stay on Enbrel as I expressed concern about switching given my condition is currently well controlled under Enbrel and mtx

  • None of the above. I had a long discussion with both my consultant and biologic nurse and have agreed I'm not being switched while current medication is working. Will be reviewed if or when the situition changes.

  • have not been informed. at present on Cimzia, not due to see Rheumatologist till May, so may hear then

  • I was told that currently there is not a biosimilar for Cimzia.

  • I read through a few posts as I wasnt aware of biosimilars. I've been on embrol over 10 year's and it changed my life so hopefully I won't have to change Linda

  • just started on xeljanz cause others were messing with my liver or was allergic so far so good but it is expensive and am hoping they will help with cost can only work part time right now and have no insurance. The pain and fatigue makes it hard to think about working full time right now.

  • I was switched without being given an option and was a bit concerned but the changeover was easy and i have had no problems with the biosimilar. When I thought about it, what is wrong with being given a cheaper drug if it works as well as the original? I'm all for the NHS saving money ,especially if it means more people will have access to the drugs.

  • I was switched to a biosimilar, Benepali, from Enbrel about 3 months ago. I had a letter from my specialist to advise me about a month before. Evidently they have researched and decided, there was no choice.

    I was dubious about changing, would it be as good? Anyway, I decided to try to keep an open mind, if they have the same drug manufactured cheaper, then the NHS has more to spend on others. ( I always felt rather guilty that the NHS had to spend so much on me) but I was eternally grateful that they did, it gave me my life back!

    So, 3 months on I can report that the Benepali works just as well for me and is actually far easier to administer. It works by just pressing down on my leg, which triggers the injection. I used to struggle pressing the trigger on the Enbrel. I also find it stings less as it enters the system.

    Looking back, it may be purely cost that drives their introduction, but isn't it right that the NHS gets best value for money? If there were any adverse effects, I'm sure your consultant would consider returning to the original drug.

    Hope this helps to reassure a little.

  • I had my first infusion with Remsima (a biosimilar) a short while ago. I am not sure if it is connected, but I developed a chest infection shortly thereafter, which I cannot shake. My RA team were very informative with regard to the economic reasons for switching, and I am trusting the infection is not related, and await my next appointment with a positive outlook.

  • I am on rituximab but not heard about this.

  • I am aware of biosimilars, but I'm on MTX, Leflunomide and Rituximab.

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