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Hi I have non hodgkin lymphoma does any one know which are best vitamins to take?

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My doctor has me continue to take B-12 and 1000 mcg folate going on 3 years now but that was due to my tending to go anemic . Other than that, I haven't been told to include any other particular vitamin


I take vitamin D and vitamin C along with probiotics as the treatment affects my stomach!

So many different vitamins and suggestions on what to take.

Best Wishes

I started taking high quality pro biotics when I was being treated for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 13 years ago. I have continued using them since then.

I am taking vitamin D - 2000iu or 50ug daily, mainly in response to medical suggestions that this will keep my immune system in the best possible position in case I develop COVID.


I take Vitamin D 5000, and B12. I did not take any vitamins during chemotherapy.

I had Non Hodgkins lymphoma in 2008. I had six months of chemo and I observed a very strict diet and nutrition regimen for two years. I drank 100 grams of fresh wheat grass juice every day. I took a lot of alfalfa and of course high quality multi vitamin. I used Shaklee. I did not eat anything that contained any sugar or anything that became sugar like pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. During the chemo period I drank herbal teas made from Tibetan herbs that cleaned the chemo or of my liver and kidneys quickly after each chemo session.

I've been healthy for 13 years now with no reoccurence.

I don't think you can ever take too much vitamin C, and D is essential if you are not getting plenty of sun.

Good luck and God bless

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Hello,What type of tea were you drinking? Could you be more specific? Thank you

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I'm sorry I really don't remember. They were sent to me from New Delhi by a Tibetan herbal doctor. They were to clean the body of the toxins quickly after each chemo injection to prevent damage to the liver and kidneys.. I'll see if I can find the name of the doctor or the clinic.

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This is the doctor who sent the Tibetan herbs to me. I think you can find her contact information and reach out to her. She definitely helped me immensely in 2008.

Theres an fb group on people who share their experience on this:

Hi Chachi64,I take 2000 IU vitamin D3 and B12 daily. For those of us who have cancer, I believe just taking vitamins is like peeing on a forest fire. We have to radically change our diet. Remove all animal protein from the diet as it is a huge promoter of cancer. Please read T Colin Campbell's book "The China Study". Eat a whole food plant based diet. Please read Dr Michael Greger's book, "How Not to Die" and Dr Joel Fuhrman's book "Super Immunity". Eat a whole food plant based diet and a diet which is anti inflammatory. Good luck and good health!

Definitely our bodies are made from what we eat. In this age many are eating hogs.