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Brandy, you're a fine gal

well actually I would need to change the lyrics to 'Vodka Brandy you're a fine girl.

I have already posted on earthclinic forum plus NP Liga (league) on facebook, that my latest experiment dabbing vodka brandy on my scalp has had excellent results, and can be considered another treatment (not suggestive of a cure at this point).

i share the view same as Barbara G's anonymous psychiatrist in Naples, that NP is viral in the same sense as is shingles, which is also not contagious but is due to a viral pathogen. I have experimented a little and it does appear that air is destructive to the virus, hence it is quite reasonable to accept that the virus is passed on through insect bite, or somehow needs to enter the skin through a prick or needle, not just transfered by touch. I can't comment on the extent or the limitjtiooss of how this virus may be transmitted, but it is definitely not throug touch.

The vodka brandy is around 40 percent alcohol. I already cried Eureka on third day of application as I noticed how much easier (never easy) it became to pick lesions off my scalp. By day 11 I was beginning to feel real confident that I could pick my scalp clean, as I have cleared numerous old plaques, and now would estimate that my scalp is 95 percent clear, but it seems I have to keep on with applying this alcohol three times a day, to keep on top of the problem. it is a bit early to tell. will update in a couple of weeks. have not had the same rapid success with lesions on face. near the temple yes, but not cheeks where the flesh is thick. I also do not rub too much alcohol on face. I don't want skin to dry out too much. in fact if you do this alcohol application please akwjws add some aveeno or baby oil to bathwater to keep some moisture in skin.

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Thanks for your interesting post. How is it going, anything to report back?

I have had NP for about 7 years. But 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a cancer (not skin cancer) and had to have chemotherapy and surgery for that. Before each chemo, I have lots of steroids and the anti-histamine, piriton (given intravenously) and these helped to clear my NP ----my Oncologist told me it would. NP came back after all my treatments finished ----my Oncologist told me it would.

I have been in remission for 2 years and 7 months until my latest cancer recurrence, June 2015 and now I am back on chemo and my skin is improving again.

Obviously I don't want to keep having recurrences for my skin condition to improve, but at least it does and I only have to focus on the cancer.


hi there,

how's everything now?are you ok?