New here-Non direct altruistic donor

New here-Non direct altruistic donor

Hi there, I'm starting the process of becoming a non direct kidney donor. Just waiting for the call form the Living donor transplant coordinator.

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  • Hi!! I just want to thank you for donating from someone on the transplant waiting list. I've only been on the list for a year and fully expect it to be at least several more years unless generous people like you come forward. Good luck, hope all goes well for you and your recipient. x

  • You are an amazing person. Thank you

  • What a truly amazing gift you are giving. Thank you for being one of those great people that help people like me get their life back.

    It's a very selfless act you are doing, and you won't ever really full understand what you have done. No thanks will ever be enough. The recipient will always be grateful.

    Hope all goes well and keep us posted on your journey.


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