PD Machine Table

PD Machine Table

I started PD dialysis in Spain and was given everything including a specially designed table on castors for the machine and bags and a proper hospital type adjustable height stand for manual use. When I left I asked them to take them back but they said they were scrap once issued, so I brought them back to UK. I am no longer on PD having switched to HD and these are no longer of use to me.

If anyone on dialysis are interested in collecting them, please contact me.


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  • I'd pop them on preloved.com or similar.

    You'll find someone will want them:)

  • Thanks but I was keen to see them go to a dialysis patient.

  • Also try the KidneyPatientGuide forum,

  • Hi Fred my husband has just started APD your trolley would be really helpful where are you?

  • Hi Annie. I am in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. It's likely as the PD goes on they may introduce a manual day fill so the drip stand could come in useful as well.

  • Hi Fred, we have managed to 'cobble something together' which is working well

    Hope you find a good home for the trolley



  • No problems, I am just loath to throw it away if someone could put it to good use.

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