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Symptoms from 12 weeks?

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Have breezed through my first twelve weeks, no sickness, no pains, just tired. Then I hit twelve weeks, and suddenly I can't keep any food down, I'm having hot and cold sweats, so tired I'm sleeping twelve hours a night at least! Keep having to go out of lessons at work (I'm a cover supervisor) or call in sick altogether, which I can't really afford to do. Has anyone else felt like this? Any remedies you find help get you through the day? X

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I was the complete opposite to u, the weeks 6-14 were evil but since then (am 19+5) I am much btr. Wen I was feeling sick, I didn't wana eat or drink but obviously I knew I had to, had a lot of plain biscuits, ginger ones are meant to be gd I just had a plain digestives. I had a lot of ice lollies and plain toast with marmite no butter. I know how u feel and I will be honest its horrible and it really got me down as I couldn't have dinner but trust me there is a light at the end, I cant tell u when urs will end, try and eat little and often, fruit or cereal bars, I literally packed my bag of stuff like tht and just picked whenever but the only meal I could eat was lunch, I find drinking water boring so I just add a little squash so it has some flavour but just try and drink. hope u feel btr soon x


I had exactly the same in my 12th and 13th week - its like that last surge of hormones.

The simplest way is to follow the tumb rule of eating something before you get out of the bed (keep ginger biscuits with you) eat something small (nibbles or snack box) very two hours.

And drink drink drink plenty of fluids - water fresh juices. (I used to alternate between them) but I was always sipping on something. Wear loose clothing (that would help your body breath)

And if you find it at Boots buy yourself sea-bands (they are the best invention for curing morning sickness according to me).

Also I when I was not sipping water I was sucking on lollipops (not very healthy, but it helped) You can even try chewing gums (just dont swallow it)

You would be fine - dont worry !!


Also increase your spinach intake !


i feel for you. im 21 weeks and still have the sickness. not as bad as when i was at week 6!!. i was hospitalised for 4 weeks. when your pregnant your baby takes from whats called your reserve. so you need to keep yourself going but eating cold foods and plain. i know its easier said than done. nothing could pass my lips not even a drop of water. but now im managing to eat. as soon as i wake up i have a packet of ready salted crisps by my bed.

salts help when your feeling sick and the crisps are dry so line your stomach. they will also help you to feel thirsty. so sip on water. if you cant handle cold water, warm it a little. i used to drip a drip of tropical squash in boiling water. and that was fine to drink. cold water i couldnt keep down.

now im trying anything. try dry toast. avoid dairy products. if you still cant keep anything down then go to doctors to have your urine tested for ketones as you will become dehyrdated and need a drip xx


oh no.. just when you think you have over come when the sickness is ment to be :( I had no sickness at all until 20 weeks, then i found myself feeling sick when i stood for to long or when i was rushing about :( i constantly get hot flushes which i put down to hormones and my face goes bright red, not to mention the heartburn from 20 weeks which is the worst :( I nibbled on ginger biscuits and drank ginger tea. Wear loose clothing with jumpers so when you feel a flush coming on you can take it off.. I also carry a hand fan to cool down and its frezzing here, not looking forward to summer :( lol

Hope you feel better xx


Yep from 13 weeks to 22 weeks I was being sick up to five times a day/night, I had to eat every three hours and never let myself get hungry.


Go to the doctors they gave me some anti sickness tablets for mine I was a nightmare and I also had to take time off work. Not great but cant be helped. The only other thing I found helped was keeping my sugar levels up and eating ginger or taking a root ginger supplement (completely safe during pregnancy) I got mine from Holland and Barrett.

Eating regular like very 2 / 3 hours helps too and drinking plenty of water.

I struggled to eat fruit and veg also but found that tinned un-sugared fruit was going down well and still counts towards your 5 a day.

Hope you feel better soon remember if your feeling tired and worn out its your body telling you, you need to slow down take notice of your symptoms and work with them.

Good luck xx


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