Hurrayyyyyy after 2 miscarriages in the past I have now made it to 13 weeks...What an amazing feeling :D

Well, I first came on here rather unsure of how to feel and how to control my emotions because of 2 previous miscarriages. With the 2 miscarriages I only managed to get to 6/7 weeks.

I had a heavy bleed at 10 weeks with this little monkey and I was convinced I was losing this one yet again!!! So they did an early scan and there was our little miracle all curled up and looking quite comfortable :)

We have had our dating scan and an extra scan for the nuchal scan. Its been so lovely seeing the rate at which he/she is growing at.

I am now thinking positively, thinking about names and I did purchase the angel sounds dopler....WOW!!!! I love it, on those days when work has just been a little bit too much and the emotions are running high...which my hormones have been a nightmare. Having a listen to our baby's heartbeat has just really made my day!!!

I really can't thank the ladies enough who commented offered support and advise. It really did get me through my first trimester... xxx

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  • Congrats!! That's so great - you must be truly over the moon. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations!!!you must feel so relieved and excited.i'm so pleased for you!i know how you feel.i had some issues when i was 7week pregnant and doctors didnt give us big chances for baby to survive.but i'm 22weeks now and our little miracle is getting bigger.all the best for you and little one xx

  • Congratulations I too had a miscarriage before this pregnancy, even though you know that each pregnancy is different it doesn't stop the feelings or you fearing the worst. I know once I got to your stage in this pregnancy I relaxed quite a bit more and now you can too. Enjoy everything that pregnancy throws your way and watch your little bump grow until you have your little one in your arms :) take care xxx

  • Congratulations, that is great news! To have suffered two mc, I wish you and your family all the best, and great your enjoying this pregnancy now. I know its silly, but I took the day off, the same time I lost my last baby, as I was convinced it would happen on that day again. Never been so grateful for a scan, and seeing their heartbeat! Enjoy the next trimesters! Xxxx

  • That's sooo great to hear, congratulations :) from here on in positive thoughts to great future xxxx

  • That's great news! am pleased for you. All the best.

  • Congratulations, that's great news :) I am made up for you can relax a little bit more and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Take care of you and your little one xx

  • Congratulations, things start feeling a bit more real now and hopefully all your worries will ease now you have got past the first hurdle to 12 weeks. I had a mc before xmas. I am 12 weeks 4days now but had a massive bleed on Sun early hours that scared the life out of me. I have got my dating scan this Monday which can not come soon enough. Hopefully I will be able to take my own advice and start to relax and enjoy being pregnant. What is your due date??

  • Thank you so much everybody. It's lovely to hear how far along you all are after having similar heartaches.

    I am due 15th October, it just feels like a dream come true and I really can't wait to start seeing my bump and now already counting down for my 20week scan.

    We've decided not to find out the sex of our little one (I need a name for our kidney bean, I think ???), we just think it has been such a little miracle that we want it to be a surprise.

    I honestly didn't realise just how big a hurdle getting through your first trimester was, it really is a wonderful feeling thinking i'm 1/3 of the way there. hurrayyy!!

    I wish you all the very best and look forward to sharing advise and experiences with you all over the next few months x :)

  • Wow congratulations! You must be so relieved. I know so many people who've had miscarriages and it's terrible to see their heartache. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy in peace. I'm having a scan tomorrow to see if I've had a missed miscarriage. Keeping my fingers crossed. xx

  • Thank you. Gosh you must be so worried. I hope it was good news xx

  • Thanks! Much to my surprise it was good news! Really didn't think it would be. I just have to see what happens at the 12 week scan now. xx

  • YEYYYYYYYYY!!!! That's the best news ever... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, xxx

  • MASSIVE CONGRATS!!!!! I had two m/c's back to back in 2011,I really believed my little 4 year old girl would never have a sibling but it was third time lucky and today we have a gorgeous 3 month old baby boy. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy,I think up until labour every day I said a silent prayer my little man would stay safe. Even now every time I look at him I feel such relief and happiness he is here. Up until my 16th week I kept having random odd bleeds then suddenly they stopped.

    I wish you a happy and relaxed pregnancy from here on in xx

  • Thank you so much, it is such a worry. But I keep thinking we have a little fighter on our hands who wants to meet us.

    I have even found myself havng a little chat with bump just to let it know how much we want it, I think it must be listening :)


  • I did this too!! Its like I wanted him to know how much he would be loved and how important it was he stayed put. I definately think you too have a little fighter in there and I bet he or she is listening :-) xx

  • :) even my husband has a little chat aswell. People would think we were mad as hatters if they found out but it's like you said you need them to know they are loved so much already and we just need them to stay safe for a little bit longer xx

  • Yes, thats so true. Its bringing tears to my eyes thinking about it actually. Unless someone has been there its hard to explain the loss of a m/c and then its hard to explain how you feel when your little bean is hanging on in there and the anguish you feel then too. I just wished i had a fast forward button some days to get to the end!! :-) xx

  • Huge congratulations on getting to the end of your first trimester x. I'm counting down the days till I get there! Currently 8 weeks so feels like it's ages yet.

  • Congratulations on sailing through the first 12 weeks. I also had 2 previous miscarriages and now 33 weeks with my third one, can relate completely to how you feel. In my first trimester I always wanted to feel how is it when you are in the last 12 weeks, now that we are here can't believe it at times.......enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :-)

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