:( worried so so so worried

Ive been working none stop for the past 3 weeks the doc says im 5/6 weeks pregnant but i recon im more than that according to my periods and whatnot now yesterday i was spotting ping but only when i wiped now its red:/ no pains or anything like nothing atall i feel normal but the bleeding is worrying me. Im at the doctors tomorrow anyway will i mention it then or what any advice on if its normal or not? Help im so scared that im misscarrying again

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  • Ring drs now they should send u for a scan today hopefully, don't leave it til tmw is another 24 hours of worry! X or u early pregnancy unit may take walk ins ring ur local hospital and all to get put thru to them and find out what the requirements are xx

  • I cant at the moment im working with dad he dont know:( he cant find out like that one he wont pay me 2 hell kick me out the house xx

  • Oh no, I know you said the Dr thinks youvare 5/6 wks gone but never the less are experiencing worrying signs of miscarige. The best advise i can give you is to call your nearest maternity triage centre & at least discuss with them what is going on. Hopefully theywill invite you there at some point today.

    It must feel so difficult but try not to worry & hope for the best.

    WE ALL WILL ;-)

  • :( i had a miscarriage at 14 and i wrnt through it alone the other half is worried too but yeah itll have to be later as i have no way to get to the gp without being questioned whats happening whivh they cant know atm:(

  • Well Its up to you sometimes i believe in Honesty being the best policy in these situations. But i think you also mentioned you dont feel any pain or anything. It could just be another hormonal change.

    Could this be the usual time you would get your period " if you wasnt pregnant" ?

  • I know but i dont really want to get kicked out the house just now as me working with dad is the onky form of money im getting :/ yeah i have no pain atall i feel normal happy as anything just worried haha:( it would be just after ny period as mine cones every 30 days

  • O.k Just see what happens tonight i guess


  • You poor thing I hope you get to see the doctor or midwife soon. I know it must be terrible but try not to worry as that won't help, some people get spotting throughout their pregnancy so it may not be a mc, but make sure you get checked out as soon as you can and take care of yourself xx

  • Im at the doctors tomorrow worked to late tonight to get the midwife or the doctlrs was no point going to the hospital as im not in pain or anything im just trying to keep busy the bleedings not as bad as it was earlier atall so it should be fine fingers crossed xxx

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