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great day :)

heard my little munchkins heartbeat today, was soo lovely and as I had my scan nearly 2 months ago was soo nice too hear from the baby as I haven't had any flutters yet (I am 18+3) I have my 20 week scan in 12 days so will get to see 'him' again (I don't know what gender it is but its easier to say him for some reason), my midwife is also so nice, I know some of them get some stick but I can imagine it is a tough job to do and my one is fab, all in all a fab day and I even had work :) :)

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Arrrrh! Thats great, its very rare just to get a nice & considerate midwife these days so i can imagine that alone has given your mind a Lil ease.

Good luck with the rest of pregnancy.


Hearing the heartbeat is magnificent and I'm so happy for you to have heard yours! It is the best part of my midwife visits. I'm always so happy to hear it! Good luck with your pregnancy! :) x


i had midwife check up this week and didnt get to hear heartbeat. i wasnt happy :( being 19weeks i would of thought they would do this. but she told me at my 25 week check up they will. so another 6 weeks to wait. least i find out a week today what my jelly bean is. at the moment bump is a 'HE' but we will see. i have one thing to look forward to for now. x


Oh its so nice to hear the heart beat... I was lucky as i had 4weekly scans and 4weekly midwife checks and she checked the heart beat from 15wk for me as i was very anxious. I ended up having a fantastic relationship with my midwife. I had baby last week and she has come after clinic if its local to check on us both. Not looking forward to having to say goodbye!

good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and i hope you have a good relationship with your midwife as it really makes a difference!


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