am i being paranoid?

so basically i am on the pill which is 21days on 7day rest break.. i missed a couple of pills in my packet last month and we dont use other protection.. last weekend i felt really off colour felt sick tired literally no energy, really bad headaches and some foods the smell is knocking me sick still feel the same now a week later, i was due to come on on thursday and i didnt, now for 7years my periods have always been regular same time every month on the same due on date... but this month nothing i had abit of spotting last weekend when i felt off but thats it... im just wondering if im being parnoid or if im pregnant? any advice is appreciated please :)

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  • I am no expert but the only definite way u will tell is if u do a test. I was always missing pills but it actually took me a year from when I came off to get pregnant as it can take a while for the pill to leave ur system but like I said do a test, best time would be tomorrow morning so if u can get one today then do it with ur first wee tomorrow then it might put ur head at rest :)

  • If you miss the odd pill here or there then you should be covered, if you miss a week at a time then chances increase, also if you are antibiotics. I think you should be protected.


    Take a test and see

    God luck

  • My friend only missed one pill and became pregnant, so it can happen. You can also spot during early pregnancy.I would defo do a pregnancy test, then you will know one way or the other. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  • thanks for your answeres its not a problem if i am as my husband said if it happens it happens, just bothering me as i really dont feel to well at all.. i have read if you miss a few then you should still be protected but i take other meds so im wondering if they have interfered when ive forgotten to take my pill.. oh well!!

  • Hi I was on the pill like yourself in 2009 were you take a 7 day break I missed a few pills and I fell pregnant so it can happen. But the only way to be sure is like all the other ladies have said take a pregnancy test I would recommend you get the clear blue digital test and do it first thing in the morning I used this test when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and then again in this pregnancy but I used about 5 different own branded home tests before using clear blue. The test will let you know if you are an how far on but if I remember correctly you have to add on a week but it will tell you on the leaflet.

  • I was on the pill and messed up a few days and half way through the pack I had spotting which was very unusual so I spoke to the womans health doc at my local surgery who advised me to do a test and it came back positive so took us a few days to get our heads round having a 3rd baby as I never thought i would get caught out on the pill as always been so strict with it so it can happen. Do a test, good luck I hope it is the news you want and keep us posted:-):-)

  • Well i did a test this morning and negative which i was slightly disapointed :( but i am goibg to go see the nurse tomorrow as i have an under lying illness (rheumatoud arthriris) so i have to get checked out when i feel like this... i still havent come on so im 5days late now... my husband said not to worry, were not trying but were not taking extra protection as he wants ut to just happen, so if it happens it happens if not oh well :( thanks for all your advice :)

  • Well at least you know now. Sorry to hear you feel unwell though. Hopefully, the nurse/Drs can shed some light. I hope you feel better soon :-). Take care.

  • So 11days late now and still nothing :/ i am goung back to docs next week for another test then if nothing still bloods a week later.. has this happened to anyone else? Thanks im just going crazy here :(

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