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Need some advice

right well im 16,

I had unprotected sex with a guy i was seeing abouy 13 days after my period back in febuary i am not 17 days late for my period and im starting to get a bit worried now i know your all sick of seeing posts about oh am i prenant and all that well im 16 and im scared and all i want is advice. Ive had a misscarriage before when i was 14 and ive had a couple of oregnancy scares since then but ive missed my period by like 10 days and then id take a test and it would come back negative and then id get my period?

I also feel sick all through the day and ive been craving bread and tea?

But i have also recently been ill with a very bad cold and have ended up with a chest infection that i am just getting over need advice?

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Hiya, your welcome to ask any questions you like dont, that's what we are all here for.

First thing to do is take a pregnancy test, use a clear blue test these seem to be the most accurate.

If you are late by 17 days and the test is negative then I would trust what it says, but if you are still not convinced go to your doc or family planning clinic and ask for a blood test this is even more accurate, because you are 16 everything you say and do is private and no one can tell your parents.

As you said u have been ill with a cold, this can delay your period, and also when your body begins to heal from illness you are often more hungry and your body will crave foods that obtain vitamins u need. Maybe start taking a daily vitamin pill:)

If you don't want to be pregnant and if ths time your are not, would you consider taking the pill or have the implant put into your arm, least this way you are sure your protected against unwanted pregnancy.

You must be scared I would have been being so young, so don't worry about asking more questions I will help you aswell as others:)


Hi, try not to be scared - you need to take control and sort out your situation. I don't think there's anything more to add to skyblueboston's reply. If you are not pregnant, you really should consider forms of protection for the future. I hope you have the outcome you want.


Sometimes stress and worry can delay your period....your very young to be going thru this emotionally and should have a chat with g.p or family planning clinic about all your's always the way I have done a pregnancy test then ended up having my period the next day! Tc x


Hi I couldn't agree more with skyblueboston. Do a a clear blue digital first thing in the morning as these test seem to be the most accurate out of the lot of tests on the market. If your still not sure when the results come back go to your GP/Family planning clinic as all advice from there is 100% confidential unless you give your consent to the GP/Family planning clinic to reveal the reasons to why your attending no one will know. There is all ways people on hear willing to listening and chat with you and answer any question even if you think its a stupid thing to be asking. I hope the outcome is what you want T C


Dont be scared to ask questions on here that is what this forum is all about. Not being funny but do you want to conceive?? Book an appointment at your docs and ask them to do a test as their test are as good as the clear blue ones. If your pregnancy wasn't intentional and the test comes back negative then I would seriously ask them to put you on some kind of contraception to stop this happening again. Good luck, we are always here for you to chat with:-)


Hi everyone... Thanks for the advice, yeah well i was planning going on the injection and never got round to it and i havent planned to be pregnant but i would love a child and i know this sound stupid as im so young but its my dream to be a mother as my mum lost my sister saphire when she was born (she was a still born) and that was when i was 8 and ive always been great with children im jusy scared at what my dad would do.

I am planning the clear blue test just after my next period as i will have been paid then and it will be just before my 17th birthday so it would be a nice surpise if i was but if not theres years to come i shall let you all know the outcome if i get to unpatient and do it sooner!

Hannah xxx


Oh sweetheart, you must not be able to think of anything else at the moment. And no, it's not stupid to long to be a mother after losing your sister xx

If you are pregnant - things will work out somehow (coz they have to!) and I'm certain you will cope and be a lovely mummy.

If you are not pregnant - I agree with some of the ladies above, go on contraception and then make 'having a lovely man, and a house of your own' part of that dream. And one day it will happen for you x


I cant atall im trying to keep busy like working with dad decorating but without fail every time at about 12 ish im sick i feel sick all through the day and stuggle to sleep at night im uncomfortable in some conditions where as i didnt before. . Yeah i hope they do the babys dad (if i am ) will stick by me and i know he will hes got a brilliant job too! Yeah i know i need to :) yeah thanjyou darling x


The sickness definitely sounds like you are pregnant. That's great that the maybe-baby's Dad has a good job.

Let us all know what the outcome is and we can support you/offer any advice from afar and hopefully you'll get lots of support from family and friends (once they get used the idea and can get excited for you).

Good luck x


Yeah i know just the fact ive been ill thats making me think its not right i dont know just certain things i used to eat and dont anymore cause they make me gag and heave.

Oh dont worry i will ill be keeping a blog about it im so glad i found this site if im honest:) yeah hopefully i will least i know the babys dad would be there for me if i am and hes brilliant with kids aswell :)

Thankyou hunny xx


Oh Hun if your gagging on lots of good and you're pregnant that's a good sign that baby's hormones are doing well, also don't struggle until pay day, go to your walk in clinic for a test, and perhaps some condoms to tide you over if your not, ( they're free) just until you want the injection or whatever you decide works best. Let us know how you get on ;)


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