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Has the time stopped

Or is it just the early morning sun-rise these days?

After a whole day of planning my little babies, first presents, first shoes, to her heels and her wedding I now feel so exhausted, my brain was like in a fast-forward and reverse back moment whole day yesterday. I took out the stuffs i got from my Gran who died 16 years ago, went back to my childhood, cleaned those silver spoons, bowl, bells, anklets and trinket box and secured them in a nice velvet bag ready to be passed on to my daughter now !

I went back to the story, told in the family 100 times, that when I was born my Gran-dad wrote 'Om' (the eternal sound - those who do yoga would maybe know) on my tongue with honey and I did not cried, I loved the sweet taste. I wondered how my daughter would react to such intrusion !!

Made a list of music, most of it are the ones she is responding to from inside me, wondered if she would still like it once she is out here with us.

Darling husband, surprised me with two sets of mugs one of the 'Mr & Mrs.' and the other was 'baby girl and yummy-mummy'. Now he surprised me :P. Second he asked me which is gonna be my favorite - talk of daddy insecurity :). I choose the one with Mrs. (psst I am clever, the baby girl would take another 4-5 years to actually be able to use that mug, so i can keep it aside until than ;) )

And BTW what did i found in the morning - Lewis Carol stories on Daddy's work desk - seems like someone else in the house is also busy preparing :)

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