Is Mother's Day for women with children already or should the celebration include expectant mums to be?

Ok so it's Mother's Day today, I am spoiling my mum with A meal out and some presents:)

Thing is I'm slightly annoyed by people's comments to me!

This time next year it's your turn!

Not quite there yet!

Won't celebrate this year but next year!

Wtf are you serious! I'm carrying a baby that makes me a mum, if my baby was born now its a person in the flesh and by law.

What do you think?


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17 Replies

  • hahahahaha I like it - I think it is for the expectant mom as well - at least I wish. But the point is, I have a dutch husband and I have come to realize why the phrase Silly dutch because only thing they celebrate is camping time :P

    You wont believe it, but I got a water jug on my birthday few days back and a packet which appeared to have a nice birthday dress had a plant in it (not even a potted plant, but like seedlings)

    SO imagining something for mother's day, I think mine would start only after I would get a thoughtful baby girl, because I am so certain a baby boy would be as nerdy as his father.

    BTW when I made (obvious) face on the disappointing birthday present, my husband got teary eyed :( ...... and my mom was laughing so much !! God save me !! :P (However, the good part is that realization came upon soon, and I can go shop some real birthday present and lot more pending ones, when I feel like - but talk of surprises and being spoilt, that is not happening anytime soon!)

    BTW happy mothers' day to you :)

  • I wondered if somehow Squiggly would send me a little card (aka via partner) but after a brief chat a few days ago it appears he does not think of me as a mum until she is outside in the world. I had quite the internal frown and feeling of disappointment momentarily until the overused "ugh, men!" thought passed and then made me smile!

    Squiggly is alive, she is our daughter and I'm her mummy. I love her to bits, have done since I found out about her (known as bumpling at that time) and I know she loves me too, if she was able I know she would have told her daddy off and demand a little card or message from her was communicated but all last night she hoofed and rolled so her morse codes have been received with rubs and tickles to my tummy as I communicate back to her! She's adorable I'm certain of that!

    I therefore wish myself a Happy Mothers Day and extend the same to you Skyblueboston and to ritz21 and everyone else who is loving, worrying and taking care of themselves whilst growing a baby.

    :) xxxx

  • I agree with you all, you are looking after that little baby 24/7 at the moment! Definitely worthy of Mother's Day celebrations! I am expecting my first and got a cup if tea in bed and presents from my husband, although he did sign the card from himself and not the bump which made me chuckle!

    Sorry to hear you aren't getting the recognition you deserve, I'd hot foot it out tomorrow and treat yourself to something, I am sure the bump will be able to "point" you in the right direction as to what they would like to give you!

    Happy mum in the making day!!! Xxxxxx

  • Some of my closest friends have texted 'happy mother's dayxx' to me, which was nice. Skyblueboston, you are right, we are all mothers by law right now. I feel like a mother. But also feel like, maybe, the whole pregnancy and birth thing is a special time to prepare for motherhood. So it's like a transition: 'becoming mother' rather than mother for me... like luckyclucky: Happy Mom-In-The-Making day to you Skyblue xxx ;p

  • Thankyou ladies:) very sweet replies. Happy Mother's Day to u all xxxxx

  • I totally agree I feel as soon as a baby is conceived you are instantly a mother :) why wouldn't you be you have a little living human inside of you, my husband gave me a lovely card this morning as if written by the little ones haha. Xx

  • My other half now has a list of demands for next year ;-)

  • Apparently my very clever baby told my husband what Mothers Day present to get me. They obviously had this little chat while I was asleep cos I didn't hear them! I also got a Christmas card from my bump. My husband normally has the emotional range of a slug but he's become a bit soppy since we conceived!!!

    Yesterday should be Mothers & Mothers-to-be Day!

  • I got a card from 'bump' so they do sell them! My mum got it for me though, not my husband, lol X

  • I believe it should be for expectant mums too. We're mums as soon as we find out we are pregnant surely?! My mum told me I'm not a mum yet so cant celebrate... But then text to say happy mothers day, lol. I had a card and small gift off my sister tho, which i was not expecting! Sadly, my other half is not particularly romantic and lacks the ability to think ahead... He says he'll treat me after the scan on weds. However, I'm still waiting for my valentines gift to appear ... Lol x

  • My bumpgot me a card, apparently he choose it himself, hes very clever ;-)

  • I hope you did celebrate - of course it's for you too!

  • Sort of more internal thoughts :)

  • I agree - just becauase our little ones are chilling out, getting strong in our bellies doesn't mean we are not mums! Luckily my fella got me a 'to mummy-to-be from the Bump' card so I didn't have to tell him off :o)

    Unfortunately my own dad set the bar pretty low by getting my mum a Mars Bar the first year she was a mum, which my partner thinks is hilarious! I've told him that inflation over the past 35 years means I have far higher expectations next year...

  • Lol that's so funny about your dad, mind u I love mars bars :)

  • Lol I'm chuckling a lot reading all of these, hubby ribs me about the fact that baby will be out by farther s day but not in time for mums. So no card no present no breakfast In bed, just of to Mothercare to exchange a mosses basket and the to my mums to give her a card and present and eat pizza.. My lovely mum on the other hand made me a card from bumpkin, I wondered what they were discussing when she spoke to bump on the phone? :)

  • Ah that's so cute, good mum they know how to cheer us daughters up :)

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