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my last period was the 23rd of January making me about 2 weeks late. i have had 2 negative urine tests and a negative blood test so we can rule out me being pregnant. the doctor also said my thyroid is fine and hormone levels are all normal. i have not been any more stressed than usual either. so i asked him what do i do if i miss my next period and he told me to not bother calling them until i have missed 5 or 6!!!!! why have i not had a period?? and surely waiting to have 5 missed period is bad? surely to have missed more than one something must be wrong? help please !!!

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For me this was my first sign of pcos after coming off the pill which I was on or seven years.

Weight gain or loss can affect your period, stress also.

Search the Internet for natural remedies that encourage your periods, I know certain herbal teas help with this.

Evening primrose oil high dose is fantastic for your regular period cycle, have a read about it :)

Missing one is so common, but like doc said half a year is a message that something isn't right!


I know exactly how you feel, I have been 3 months now without a period and I have done 3 negative tests:-( My doc has taken blood and they said it is fine, so I dont know whats going on. The doc said to me that I have to wait 6 months of missed periods before they will do anything which I thought was horrendous, I never thought I would miss my period.


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