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Want to know could i be pregnant ?

I had unprotected sex with my bf on 15th feb just before that i had my periods around the 4th or 5th feb and now for the past 4 5 days i was getting brown spotting and clots not on my pants but on tissue only today ive started bleeding like i would if i was on but its with clots bright red and very thin what could this be im not due to start my periods till 5th next month can someone get back asap thank you

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You need to buy a clear blue test, it will tell you whether or not you are, but if your not due for another week, you may want to wait until your due. It takes some time for the pregnancy hormones to build up. Or you can go to your GP and ask for a blood test, they can test earlier with that.


So this could possibly not be my periods ? And if I am pregnant when should I take the test ?


When do u ovulate? If you ovulate on or around the 15th then yes you could be pregnant, once you ovulate it are seven days for the sperm to fertilise the egg in te Fallopian tube, then another seven days for the egg to travel down and implant in your uterus, causing spotting, cramps most of the time.

I think you might be pregnant, it's around the time te egg could implant, do a test now, then if its negative test two days later as the hcg levels should ave risen to shown enough on your test.


I don't even know but I had my periods on around the 5 or later cnt exactly remember and during the course of this I was in a lot of stress over the weekend cud that b the cause of the bleeding and my bf didn't leak inside me could I still be pregnant ? And the blood I'm loosing is more like fresh blood like water with clots than period blood I don't know what it is and is getting me worried now please help!!


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