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My partner an I saved up for a reversal sterilisation last year. I went into hospital and had it done privately in a hospital by a surgeon called Mr Moore who has the hands of a genius!

We so desperately wanted a baby and as much as I tried not to, I had it planned to the precise day for intercourse to optimise our chances. We called it our "window of opportunity". I know, very cheesy!!

The day I was due my period came up and I didn't have the usual signs and I'm like clock work! So I got a bit excited and took a test the day after I was due! As we were both at work at the time (we work together) I couldn't wait till home time and dragged him into the hall way and hysterically laughed as I told him it was positive, then promptly burst into tears!!

Needless to say he was very shocked and hugged me a lot but then very quickly went onto demonstrate how he has Super Sperm!! Bless him. :-)

I am 5 weeks pregnant today and the only thing tainting this whole exciting experience is that there is a risk of an ectopic pregnancy with a sterilisation. I've had to get myself booked into an early pregnancy scan which I'll be having on the 1st March, this Friday! I'm petrified!!

My partner is being very positive about it all and is sure everything is great, especially as we've beaten so many odds already. I wish I could be as positive as him but until the scan I'm keeping it all under wraps a bit.

We've only told a couple of people that we had to tell but we're waiting till Mothers day next week to tell our mothers and then we'll tell all our friends after the 12 week stage.

Wish us luck for Friday and hopefully I'll be updating this a lot more for weeks to come. We've talked about doing a video diary as well, keeping a recording of everyone's reactions and the build up of the pregnancy. Something for baby to watch in later years! :-)

Will catch up on the 1st and let you know how the scan went.


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Good luck:) I reckon you will be fine, if it was eptopic you would know by now I think you would be in pain!

Looking forward to your updates:)

Ahhh thanks skyblueboston, that's really lovely of you to say so :-)

That's what I keep telling myself as well. I have got some pain but it's not horrific and it tends to be both sides and all over. A bit like a bad period pain. There's no bleading at all and I'm hoping if it was going to be ectopic I'd be getting some symptoms by now. Finger and toes crossed! :-)


Good luck, gooooooood luck with it all! What wonderful news! :) Wishing you all the best for the 1st March! :) xxx

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Good luck! I'm sure everything will be fine you know when it's meant to be & it seem as if it's meant to be :-) xx

Ahh thank you all for your good wishes, that's really sweet of you.

I shall keep you all posted about my news on Friday.

All toes and fingers crossed! :-)


Good luck.!

wow thats great news congratulation and wish you all the luck for the future. I agree with skyblueboston on the etopic bit . I know its easy to say this but try and relax and try and think positive. can;t wait to here your update x

Thank you mumfone2009, it really helps to hear positive things like that from you all as well.

I am hoping that as I don't have nay signs of an ectopic pregnancy then it all should be great on Friday and we can really start to plan our future properly.

Will keep you updated! :-)



My Partner and I decided i was going to come off the pill when i finished my last batch on 21st December i had my normal period and by 25th January (the day i was due on my period) i had a positive pregnancy test, fair to say we were both over the moon. Being a natural born worrier ever twinge or ache i get im calling the doctors or midwifes one of wich was slight period pains i was reassured that if it was eptopic i wouldnt be able to walk and be in agonising pain i had a slight bit of blood a few days after finding out and went to the EPU i got to see the yolk sac and sac but everything was too little to really get a good judgement from.

Yesterday i had another early scan and saw the little one's little heartbeat and little bean is measuring 15.4 mm, im still a nervous wreck and after the joy of yesterday im already starting to get worried bout getting to 12 weeks now. I have asked so many questions on this site and comments that comes back are so caring and positive.

I have found one of the hardest things to deal with is my partner being away during the week at the moment as he is still in training in the army, we thought it would take a awhile to conceive and we would be living together down south by time we had conceived therefore i also call my partner "Super Sperm"

your story seems so similar to mine and i just wanted to reassure you that up to now everything is going ok for me still early but i have everything crossed for both of us

x x x

That's amazing news flossy1688!! Congratulations to you too.

We were the same, we thought it'd take us months to fall pregnant which is why we thought we'd start right away. But who would have thought hey?! :-)

I'm so happy to hear that everything is going really well for you. I'm sure as you're past the initial bit then the rest will be fine.

I keep wondering if I was having an ectopic pregnancy would I start to feel it by now or if it's much to early to tell.

I do have abdominal pain but a lot of it is like a bad period pain and some of it is also still from my op in December which still hurt right up until the day I fell pregnant. So I can't really get a proper idea of what the pain is from. There's no pain though, so fingers crossed.

It's very nerve wracking having a baby isn't it and all the pains and twinges just make you paranoid even though we're meant to relax as stress is bad for a baby, it's very hard to do that.

We do seem to have very similar stories which is great and it'll be lovely to see how yours progresses to the end :-)

Thank you for your kind reassuring words, lets hope all is well on Friday. It's the longest few days of my life!!


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