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Things I am looking forward to!!

now don't get me wrong, I have mostly enjoyed being pregnant but at 36+3 weeks, I am fed up and was talking to my husband about my first meal when I get home after baby has been born (blue cheese risotto with medium rare steak if you're interested!!) which then got us talking about all those things I will be able to eat or do for myself again!!

so I am looking forward to:

meeting my baby (obviously!)

wearing pretty underwear again (eventually!)

being able to cut my own toenails again! (I foolishly let my husband cut them, what a mistake that was, they have never been so short!)

eating medium rare steak

having a really hot bath

eating BRIE!!!!!!!!

drinking a glass of red wine

being able to walk into any restaurant and have anything I want off the menu rather than having to examine it for various foods I'm not allowed

being able to get up off the sofa by myself

not having heartburn!

not having to get up to go to work

walk upstairs without needing a moment to catch my breath after

walk at a normal speed again

on the flip side, I will miss:

my bump

not having to diet hahahaha!!


the conversations I have with my bump

the feeling of baby moving around inside

so what kind of things will you be looking forward to?!!

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Love your post!

I'm looking forward to:

Holding my little Squiggly (her nickname)

Breastfeeding (or attempting to)

Go for walks (to get rid of pregnancy chub) with Squiggly.

Pulling faces at Squiggly until she learns how to laugh and smile at her crazy mummy.

Wrappying Squiggly up in the crochet blankets I made for her.

Watching her grow and being in awe of her every movement.

Laughing at Squiggly's unabashed farting (my friends baby used to let rip in all sorts of inconvenient places with lots of people around, hilarious!)

Getting my figure back (nice and steadily)

Being able to walk without needing to sit down every 5 minutes.

Getting my stamina back (not used to be so slowed down)

Eating medium rare meat (fillet steak please!)

Eating brie (one of my favourites too) and baked camembert

Going for a pee like how I normally did (not every 5 - 10 minutes like I seem to at the moment)

Wearing my non maternity clothes again.

What I'll miss is...

All of it... it's all been a fascinating experience. The good bits and even the less so good bits. It is all a path leading me to bringing a person into the world.

Not long for you now though tigernoodles! Good luck for the big squeeze! :) x


The thing am looking forward to the most (after babys here) is having my bladder back to nornal hopefully


Im looking forward to been able to just move like i used too....

... emptying the washer!!

... walking at normal speed

oh and eating things without them making me sick.

6 wks and counting....


I'm looking forward to:

Being able to have a glass of wine (eventually - got to get through the breast feeding first)

A big, fat juicy steak - rare!!

Walks in the park in the sunshine with my little man

Discovering lots of new activities - baby signing, swimming classes (well, splashing about classes) etc

Not being woken up in the night by painful foot and leg cramps

Being able to sing properly with my choir without running out of breath all the time

Getting to know the amazing little person who will be here in 8 weeks :o)


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