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Negative pregnancy test but period is strange

Just before Christmas I was asked by my doc to to a test as I had spotting. The test was positive then 3 days later I had an early miscarriage.

I was due on this Friday and did another pregnancy test and it was negative. Saturday I came on but it is only very very light and it isn't even "normal" red it is brown and has been like that since Saturday, even when I wipe after the toilet it isn't even red. I know that they say that brown blood signals old blood but do you think it is what never come out after the early miscariage?? Dont know how long to leave it to do another test or just wait till Friday to do another one and see if it progresses into a normal period.

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Could be implantation bleeding. I would wait one week and re test. Good luck


It has more or less stopped altogether now and I haven't had any red blood and it has been really light. Light enough that I could have just worn the same pad since Saturday (dont worry I haven't though). Would implantation bleeding happen around the same time as my period, it is just strange that it is on the right time as I was due on.


Normally implantation bleeding happens around 7 days after you ovulated and the egg was fertilised, it buries itself into your lining.

Not sure about what it means if its the same time as your period, but if you had a tiny bleed when you was due on then I think this is a good sign, the fact that it was so light, can't wait to hear your results! Good luck x


Test is still negative. I think that when I had the early miscarriage that it has cleared my system out and is not back to normal yet.


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