So happy

The last few weeks has been very hard and I have been worried due to sudden onset of sickness up to four times a day and dry heaving!

Today I saw the midwife I'm 16 plus 2 and we heard the heartbeat loud and clear. I am so relieved and can't wait for my doppler to arrive this week.

It's exciting to think I only have 24 weeks to wait till I'm a mummy wow!

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Congratulations Skyblueboston! You must be so excited. xx

Hiya, yes haven't stopped smiling yet lol x

congratulations. the first time you hear.babies heartbeat is.amazing. with my first, second and now with my third. are you finding out the sex at your 20 week scan?

Hi, yep can't wait to find out the sex :) feb 13th I will be 21 weeks and I have my scan then. I'm also looking forward to feeling the baby move, I think I have felt some flutters but not a lot.

That's wonderful news - congratulations.

Congratulations if you felt like you had the feelings of little bubbels as my midwife says then you've felt baby move its even better when you can feel and see the babys kicks when you lye down or you talk to baby x

Aww! Congratulations :D x

Congratulations skyblueboston! We hope you'll keep us updated on how everything is going.

Best wishes,

Alice x

Thanks Alice x

Congratulations Sky good luck to you and your family :-)

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