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First pregnancy... And I'm worried about my odd symptoms is it normal to feel qweezy?

Hi... I'm 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I don't have any morning sickness but I do a get a small amount of sick in my mouth occasionally accompanied with a lot of saliva :/ , I get light headed and feel dizzy a lot my breasts feel swollen but don't really hurt. I have slight heart burn and feel tired, Is this normal

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i felt sick more than i was actually sick, i am 17 weeks and still feel sick half the time :/ and pregnant ladies also get increases saliva, tiredness and heart burn :)

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Hi congratulations, it is all normal pregnancy symptoms, nothing to worry about just the hormones working. Enjoy and good luck :)


Thank you, it's so reassuring to hear. I've recently moved away from home and the doctors here are terrible.

Thanks again


Hi its normal thing for pregnant women to go through this I am 19weeks +4 days pregnant with my second and I have the odd occasion were i feel very light headed and dizzy i also feel abit sick when i get up in the mornings its a natural feeling of being pregnant and it sometimes gets easier when you get further on it all depends on the women as all pregnancies are different


could be low blood pressure drink loads of water x


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