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Anyone know a good pediatrician for reflux, colic and milk allergies?


My baby is 8 weeks, bottle-fed and displaying all the symptoms of reflux. After a feed, he clenches his hands, throws his head back, cries from pain, has terrible wind and will bring up around 10-20mls of stomach acid around 2 hours after a feed. At first we thought this was colic but it happens all day and he cries all the time unless he is on the move (when he is asleep). We then thought we were under feeding him but worked out he was actually comfort feeding to wash down the acid in his gullet. We changed his formula which stopped coagulated milk coming back up, but still didn't stop the acid. We are adding gaviscon to try and help this. From basic research I can see that reflux isn't known to have a cure and they just grow out of it. I am not prepared to accept this and was thinking to what extent could a milk intolerance be causing him acid reflux. Has anyone got experience of this? Does anyone know a good pediatrician who could advise us?

Thanks very much

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