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Anyone else having problems conceiving at a young age?? :(

Hi, I am 19 years old and have been trying to conceive for the past two years. This is all i've ever wanted and it's just not happening for me. I havent seen my doctor as i am afraid he will just tell me Im too young and not help me. I think there could be something wrong as me and my partner are both quite healthy and dont smoke. Can anyone help please?

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I'm 20 and have a 4year old and 14weeks 5days pregnant but it took us quite a long time to get pregnant but wat worked for us was doing ovulation tests then when we had a smiley face just going out enjoying a night to our selfs getting a bit drunk so we weren't thinking we might get pregnant sometimes its the stress of thinking about it that stops it just 4 a few months stop trying go back to enjoying it. Hope this helps all the best in the future :) x


Yes I can help ! :D just like me you want your own little family regardless of your age I went to my doctor at 17 and told her I had been trying for a baby for 2years, I didn't even get questioned.. She sent me and my boyfriend for fertility tests his were great but mine not so much :/ we got referred to a fertility clinic and I had an histeroscopy and laparascopy op to see if I had problems they could see and I got put on metformin tablets I concieved after 8weeks on them but lost that baby .. A few months ago we broke up and a month after that I met someone else and to my shock and amazement I concieved twins the first time of sleeping with him with out any medical help.. Though I did lose one of my twins I am now 14w+2d with my other twin ... Hope tht helps you a little bit.. Oh and I'm 19 too and now also going to be a single mum xx


Oh and ovulation tests didn't work for me before because before I had help I didn't ovulated and release eggs.. Nw I guess I do x


I cannot believe someones 'advice' was to have drunken sex. What kind of advice is that?! Bringing a baby into the world isn't some drunken fumble. its for life! I think at 17 you should spend time enjoying your life before you think about having a baby

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Hello, I am also having the same problem im 18 years old.

I have been trying to conceive with my partner for 3 years now. we star5ted trying when I was onkly 15 years old. I have tried ovulation tests and fertility lubricant. ive had 2 months worth of ovulation sticks had about 4 smiley facesin that time and still cannot get pregnant. Im starting to get really worries noe. My mum has 7 children including me so my family don't have any history of infertility neither my partners.

Please email me on ..

if you have any questions or can help me!

Thank you


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