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Brown discharge at 14 weeks?

I had some brown discharge on sunday, went to hospital syraight away and got checked over by gyne. I heard the heartbeat so knew baby was fine, but gyne said there was no blood, just brown discharge (i panicked to start with and convinced myself I was bleeding!). He said the discharge was caused by my cervix being swollen amd pushed outwards slightly due to everything growing. Ive had no pain at all, and its now stopped completely, im just wondering if anyone else has had this or something similar?

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Hi, I had brown discharge around 12 weeks,it scared the hell out of me & I honestly thought I was losing the baby,I had a scan done & was told I wasn't bleeding & that the baby was just fine,i was put on bedrest,the discharge lasted for 5 weeks through which i tried not to let it get me down which was really tough!.i'm now 29 weeks and doing really well! I know it's easy to say but try not go worry,it's the worse thing you can do.hope it all goes well for you :) x


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