Good AfternoonMyself and my partner have been trying for a baby since nov 2011 but to no avail. I have just finished my period which was 1

day of full bleed and then brown discharge for a day and then nothing. I am extremely tired so much so that as I type this I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. The last time I felt like this I was pregnant with my son,do you think I could be pregnant?

Cheers Tracy x

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Hi Tracy. I'd take a test it you think there's any chance! In my experience if you think there's any trouble conceiving second time around, you should go straight to your GP (it can ages to access NHS fertility/gynae appointments), or if you can afford it, to a private fertilty clinic. I think anything over 6 months of trying is worth seeking medical advice/help for.


Yes you could! I had very similar period to what you describe at the beginning of June and ever since my boobs were sore and felt just exhausted. I didn't think I could be but took the test and guess what? Pregnant! And I must have been at least 10 days when |I had this period...So get yourself a test and put your mind at rest. Good luck!


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