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I’m 10 weeks pregnant today and suffering with really bad headaches that paracetamol isn’t touching the sides! I’m pretty sure they are migraines feel like my head is all spaced and groggy if that makes sense? I have two girls and I didn’t experience this with either of them and I’ve never had migraines before. Is this normal for this stage? Not sure what I can take to relieve the pain - can’t do much as tiredness is sky high too so feeling pretty useless and hormonal just wish these headaches would go. What tablets am I able to take to help? Thank you in advance xx

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You’re quite early for gestational hypertension but it is something best ruled out by your midwife or GP, and they may want to test for other things too. Don’t take anything other than paracetamol for your headache without speaking to one of them either. Hope you feel better soon xx

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I had migraines at 9 weeks. Always went to bed and usually better when you wake up. Rule out hypertension with GP or midwife if you need to. They do pass. I think mine passed after first trimester. It’s all hormonal. Big hug. Not pleasant

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