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How much caffeine are you having in pregnancy?

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Curious as to what others are doing!

I’m having one cup of green tea each day during the week so roughly 50-75mg of caffeine, then one regular coffee on Saturday and Sunday so around 150mg.

I’ve considered decaf coffee but as far as I know, to make something decaf it involves treating it with chemicals so thinking it’s probably better to just have regular?

Any thoughts, opinions, feedback welcome! X

9 Replies
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I was having just one espresso a day. It was a bit hard as I used to drink a lot of coffee before getting pregnant (like 6 or 7 easily). Now baby is 20 months and I still have just one, max 2 coffee per day!

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There’s a really good decaf I found called Lost Sheep. No chemicals involved and it’s really strong tasting so feels like you’re drinking proper coffee. Expensive but I figured I was saving money on wine 😄

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Hello, what you are currently doing is fine. I have decaffeinated coffee in a brand called clipper which is organic and recommended by my nutritionist. I bought it from Waitrose but I believe it is readily available.

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nescafe use the swiss water method for decaffeination.

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I drank any decaf coffee and my little girl is now 5 months and doing great. I found Nero ground fresh coffee to be the best tasting and it is chemical free🙂

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I initially did not drink any caffeine but then started drinking one cup to tea in my second trimester. My little girl is 8 months old and very healthy.

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I have 1 cup of proper coffee a day. It’s under the NHS recommendation of 200mg caffeine and I have a kid already so I need some sort of caffeine in my system! It’s a big cut down for me as I used to have 4-5 cups a day sometimes pre pregnancy

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Thank you all so much for your replies! I am feeling much les guilty and have treated myself to a bag of decaf coffee ☕️

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I had one cafetiere coffee on a morning but that was it. I had to avoid caffeine during BF as baby is sensitive to it, like me. I got a biweekly coffee subscription to fancy decaf ground coffee so I didn’t have to drink crap decaf coffee! Mine was Blue Coffee Box but there are lots of online vendors who send coffee within a day or two of roasting. I also liked the Bean Brothers decaf a lot but it’s not subscription. There are 4 main decaf methods and not all use chemicals eg swiss and mountain water methods use just water. Xx

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