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Implantation bleeding?

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Hi there, I'm new here and really need some help, my period was on the 2nd June this month ovulation date is pinned for the 16th june bd on the twice only from the 12th June and on the 16th of June i very faint blood when I wiped only filled a little on my pads was brown and then faded little into red orange blood today is the 17th I'm still exprencing it but not filling out my pads only when I wipe its red. I'm going crazyyyy waiting to get through my ob

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It could be ovulation bleeding, I’ve had that regularly in the past. You should get checked by your doctor to be on the safe side though. Have you been trying to get pregnant? It sounds like it would probably be too early for implantation bleeding but I’m not sure.

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Ovulation bleeding is faint and scanty right? This like hello to my face when I wipe, and very little on my pads, but it isn't scanty or faint, yes we are trying to get pregnant, this would have been my ovulation week... 16th was the day to bd more. But we put that on Hold 2 days now hubby and I dont do the deed if I'm bleeding ever. This very very confusing and its sort of driving me nuts atm, my ob is only available on Monday unfortunately and a midwife couldn't quite place the possible cause. Said it could be the sex sorry tmi but that was a day before the 16th 😣sooO... I'm on the, "i dont wth" is going on with me, till Monday unfortunately.

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I think ovulation bleeding can vary, I used to get brown spotting that could last up to a week. I think it is usually quite light though. I’m sorry to hear you have to wait until Monday, I know that you must be worried. There are lots of harmless things that could be causing it though. Try to relax and you will hopefully get some answers on Monday x

Thanks hun...will try to keep a calm mind. So disheartening atm, as it was my ovulation day.. I'm wondering if it does disappear by tomorrow, can we do the deed? 🤦🏻‍♀️

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