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So we been trying 9 months now and still no luck, last 2 periods I’ve been late and Ive never ever been late. I went to the doctors today, I’ve got to have bloods taken 1-5 days of period and then another at 21 days, she also booking me in for scan.

I’m happy that things are now taking place

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It’s tough but hang in there. It’s great the doctors are checking things for you but a lot of the time it is a matter of waiting and giving it time.

It took 12 months to conceive my first baby but later it only took 3 months to conceive the second. It is literally a dice every month. Make sure you use ovulation tests to find out how your cycle works, the medical 28 day cycle is not how most women experience it. Knowing when you actually ovulate will give you much higher chances.

Like you, the moment I started trying to conceive my periods started playing up. It’s the oddest thing but very common. I believe we underestimate how stressful it is and how much this stress affects everything.

Try to do happy things and find time to relax and not think about it, to keep your sanity.

Good luck! ☺️

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Thank you. See with our 1st I fell pregnant 1st time of trying, but this time it’s taking some time. I’ve been told to lay of ovulation sticks as become addictive and will rule your life 😂 I was using them at the start, but 9 months down the line and still no luck.

I’m happy I’ve been to doctors and things have started moving forward, I’m praying this month will be the month 🙏🙏

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It sounds like you were very lucky first time around and it must be making you wonder what is wrong now. But it is simply like playing the lottery sometimes.

I got very addicted to pregnancy tests rather than ovulation sticks. I felt terrible when I was using them like candy and everyone was telling me to lay off. But I then realised that they don’t causes any harm and they helped me cope when the uncertainty got too much. If you are going to be addicted to anything, cheap sticks to pee on are probably ok…but definitely avoid anything that makes you more stressed about conceiving!

I hope you get the medical results soon and hopefully it will be good news and you can relax a little.

How old are

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36 in October

What was your day 21 progesterone result? Two months is not long

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I haven’t had day 21 yet, only just had 1-5 blood test and scan. Last said ovaries look fine and follicles are there all ready for ovulation. Day 21 blood test is in couple of weeks.

You said two months is not very long, what do you mean by that?

Two irregular periods is not necessarily suspicious, day 21 bloods will tell about whether or not you have ovulated, above 30 is Normal.

What about the other party? Does he smoke? Drink remember 1/3 of fertility is also male

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Yea I know day 21 is to see if I have ovulated. No he doesn’t smoke, hardly drinks, gotta get him an appointment to give a sample

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