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Im age 42 and 11 weeks tomorrow and sickness stopped but still got very tender boobs . Been having sharp pain in my back and side got no spotting or bleeding. But worried i my mc .

Got my scan on 22nd December. Not sure what to do . Any advice please x

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No medical advice here, but I wanted to reassure you that around 11 weeks morning sickness does tend to improve, and still having sore boobs is a good sign. The pain in your back and side might be totally unrelated? Hope everything's ok, I know it's hard not to worry. Is a private scan an option for your peace of mind?

Hi looked into a private scan and earliest i can get near me is Tuesday 21st December . I have one booked for Wednesday 22nd December with my midwife. .Im probably just panicking because of my age .


Hello I am 9 weeks pregnant n my morning sickness decreas is it normal I am worried No spotting no bleeding

Yes, its normal to be worried. I was too at 9 weeks when it happened to me. I'm sure everything is fine

Hi there, I'd suggest speaking with your midwife on Monday to get some reassurance. I found my symptoms really came and went - disappeared for quite long periods - and was told that loss of symptoms are not a great sign of miscarriage as they can be so up and down.The pain could be anything from constipation/trapped wind to your body getting used to the changes.

The midwife will be able to assess your specific case and risk level and potentially offer an earlier scan if she thinks it is appropriate. It is difficult to shake once you get a thought like that in your head. Although the absence of bleeding is definitely a good thing!

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Thank you will call midwife in morning xx

Around weeks 8-12 the placenta will start taking over hormone production, which is why sometimes many will feel first trimester symptoms disappear or get easier at this stage. So the sickness may just have settled because of this.

Your pain may be something different entirely too, a lot happening in your body at the moment, but to be on the safe side, I would advise like pp to call your midwife to discuss with her/him.. as they can better assess for you, and perhaps reassure or move things if they feel needed 🥰

It is hard not to worry in pregnancy, I had such a rollercoaster of emotions! But perhaps just seek midwife support to be on the safe side!

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy - and congratulations! 🥰

Thank you. Xx


Just to echo others’ advice and give you reassurance. My sickness stopped at 10-11 weeks too, it is common for the first trimester symptoms to go around that time because the placenta is taking over.

I had a missed miscarriage before so I was paranoid and I totally empathise with worrying about the lack of symptoms! I had weird and random pains throughout the pregnancy, that is also completely normal.

The fact that you had sickness is such a good sign that this is a viable pregnancy in the first place. There is research showing that nausea and sickness starting before 8 weeks can indicate a viable pregnancy and a healthy embryo.

If you do feel stressed about it, you may be able to get an earlier scan if you highlight the pain you have and how anxious you feel.

Good luck and big hug! X

Thank you xx

I had this exact same question on my profile when I was on week 9 and thought the exact same thing and was worried just like you. Don't panic. It is normal for symptoms to subside at around 9 weeks. It will all be fine.

Thank you x

My sickness stopped at 11 weeks and didn't really come back, I was lucky as my dating scan was when I was 11+3 so I was reassured as my previous pregnancy had been a mmc. Typically that's around the stage where it can subside but I understand your anxiety, I'm 39 and it had taken me years to have this baby so I found the whole pregnancy a very anxious time even though it was pretty much plain sailing. There's nothing to suggest that there's any issue with your pregnancy so hold onto that, it's just your anxiety is getting the better of you x

Thank you . Xx

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