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When shall I start buying all necessary things pushchair ,cot etch at what stage ?

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Hi all,

I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant, excited for my scan . First child and will be bringing my baby into this world alone . Very excited.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope everything goes smoothly.This is a very individual decision. Some start buying as soon as they find out they're pregnant. I think most wait until 12 or 20 weeks scan. Some only buy things as they're start packing the hospital bag. So do whatever feels right for you.

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Thanks for you reply x

I haven't bought anything and I'm currently on week 23, I think I'll probably wait until the later weeks, 35 onwards tbh. I think you should go with how you feel. If the excitement takes you and you want buy a few bits go for it. There is no right or wrong time

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Thanks for you reply x

One thing to consider is warranty on things you buy. I’m not going to get a cot for the nursery until he’s 5 months old as the standard warranty is 6 months. If I got it before he’s born it will be out of warranty before I use it! I’m 27 weeks and just bought the travel system as the one I wanted was getting low on stock, but would have preferred to wait a few weeks. I will be getting a bedside cot imminently. I suggest getting a Which subscription as even things like cot mattresses are tested and some come out as being crap despite passing BS tests. Same for the car seats, some fail basic tests. Xx

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Thank you so much , well I’m due in June I was thinking 2 months before xxxx

Once you find out the gender. If your doing it alone I suggest you start buying things now, like tee-shirts, bottles and ext… you don’t want to get overwhelmed in the last months. The crib and car seat can be the last thing you purchase.

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Thanks , well my other half is there it’s just I don’t want to rely on him but thanks for that xx

I'm 22 weeks and not bought anything yet, planning on waiting till January, but we have made a list of everything we want specific model etc for and putting money aside for it. We have been reorganising the bedrooms ready for our new arrival as there is a lot of sorting and organising when you get started!

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Yes I thought when I get my big chunk of money in March I will thank you xx

I'm 34 weeks and have only started getting things. Once you start telling people you are pregnant they may want to give you things so you don't have to buy them. I've received loads of clothes/carrier/changing bag from friends and colleagues. The only thing you should get new is the mattress for the cot and if you get a car seat second hand, it should be from someone you know and trust so you know it hasn't been in an accident.

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Brilliant thank you

Congratulations on your bubba!!We decided not to buy anything until after 20 weeks scan as we had had some not so good pregnancies. Im glad we didn’t. As the lady says above it’s a very individual decision. I had friends start buying nappies at 6 weeks so they were fully stocked. I had another friend who didn’t buy anything until about 34 weeks in case it gave baby permission to come early, I personally now probably wouldn’t buy anything until they were here in the world as I’m super cautious. Sleep in our room til 6 months so I would now buy everything during that 6 months. Being on your own would be a good idea to start slowly building so you dont have so much to get while learning the ropes and dealing with mummy hood

Congratulations and hope is well xxxx

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Thank you , well I do have my other half but it’s just co parenting I guess . I think after my second scan I will . Thank you all so much xxxx

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It’s because you said bringing into the world alone I assumed you were a single mum xx

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Yes single mom , just the other half is not supportive and don’t really care . so I just class myself alone . Xx:) but I’m fine with that

End of 2nd trimester/ start of 3rd for me but I was very nervous after previous lost. Due to Brexit and covid our cot was delayed though and came the day I was giving birth so maybe not leave that one as late if you are ordering new 🤣

One thing I would say (and people told me and I didn’t listen) BUY SECOND HAND they hardly use some things for more tha 2 minutes it feels like and it’s a complete waste of money lol so Moses basket, next to me crib, swing chairs, nappy changing tables, prams, cots, furniture, toys, baths etc. it’s all a complete rip off and if I could go back a year ago and choose second hand I would absolutely do that! I am for the next lot of things (jumperoo, high chair, toys, play pen etc.)

Congratulations and good luck xx

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Awwwww thank you so much haha xx

I am going to start buying some bits after my 12 week scan. I am too excited! Id also rather take my time picking some things, nursery wont take long as I like the decor so just going to freshen it up. Just do what your heart tells you x

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Aww my 12 week scan is next week , it’s exciting right but yeah I will do . Next year I’ll start I think . Hope it goes it well for you

I bought my nursing chair early as there was a 22 week delivery wait on it!! And then after my 20 week scan, we bought our nursery furniture and then the next to me cot for our room as due to Covid, there are some supply issues now with delays on delivery so we just wanted to be prepared - as scary as it was to purchase it all in advance. It’s being delivered just before Christmas as I plan to start and finish the nursery in January. I can’t get hold of the pram I want and need either at the moment due to supplier issues.

But, the ladies above are right, you don’t need everything to begin with anyway - just the essentials but I’d also not wait too long incase you can’t get what you want. There’s always so many options but I’m just particular and had certain things in mind!

Baby clothes wise, they’ll all go into the sale in January so whilst I’ve picked a few things out, I’m holding out till then!

Enjoy though, it’s a nice moment to start buying stuff for your baby xxxx

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Rennxo in reply to XOXO13

Aww thank you so much , I have been doing a little looking around . I know what pushchair and cot I want etc. But yes think when I will start purchasing in March when I get my next batch of money . Oh it’s so exciting thank you so much and congratulations to you also xxx

Hi there, I bought my very first baby item after my BFP! It was a token personalised bodysuit to celebrate the journey I had been through to get pregnant.

After this I only started buying things after my 20 week scan. I made a list of all the items I wanted and mostly bought them online apart from the pram and car seat which my husband was leading on. We ended up buying them earlier than planned because we were told about supply issues and thought this would give us peace of mind and not lead to compromising the safety of our child. Not all car seats are created equal. Also it made sense to buy them as a bundle to save money.

Apart from nappies and toiletries I am more or less done with the shopping. I am 28 weeks. I only bought the essentials for the most part. I found a list on line that I used as a guide for must haves and what is considered extras.

All the best with your scan x

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Awww that’s amazing, congratulations to you that’s so cool a body suit lol 🥰, well I found a real good deal of bundle of pushchair , cot etc so I know I’ll stick to that . Thank you xxx

The first thing I got was our pram, as I am having twins and couldn't afford to pay a brand new twin pram out right we decided to pay it up so had it picked out and started after 12 week scan. Everything else was slow in getting, I'm just about 29 weeks and nearly got everything in just odd bits and bobs. A few people have came together and helped out though which is great.. so really it's all personal choice, I have seen people buying early as the first positive on test

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Awwww congratulations twins , I wish you all the best . ❤️ Thanks for your reply.

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