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Update on my test

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Hi everyone I dont know who will see this or if the same people will but as the advice i was given, I took a digital test and I am pregnant. I’m very young and made an appointment since I don’t even know how far along I am. This is all scary expensive and new to me and im going to look into my options personally for me I’m too young for a child right now.. thank you everyone who helped me

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Firstly, huge well done to you for having the courage to test, that is a huge step.Given you say you’re very young I imagine this isn’t what you planned.

Have you shared this news with anyone who can support you? A family member or friend, GP?

You do say you made an appt, is this with a medical professional? If not please do make contact with your GP who can put you in touch with those who can support you snd help guide you through your options.

Wishing you all the best xx

Thank you so much, I made an appointment at planned parenthood and I know thats very controversial to everyone, It definitely wasnt planned, I’ve told a couple of friends and they’ve so far been supportive in any decision I wanted to make which is really nice as for my family they’re not very supportive of me and don’t know, and they would force me to keep it.

Ultimately it’s your decision and no-one else’s so as long as you feel you’ve made and informed choice that’s the most important thing.Hope everything all works out, take care x

Just wanted to send you some love! Whatever decision you make is right for you and that’s what matters. Hope you’re ok <3 xxx

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