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Are most pregnant ladies getting the Covid Vaccine?

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I’m booked in for this afternoon for my first jab, I’m 30 weeks pregnant.

Has anyone had it? Anyone choosing not to have it? Really interested in peoples thoughts, I’m quite torn on whether to have it or not being pregnant.


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Hi hun, after lots of reading searching and discussing with my consultant I decided to get the jab (Pfizer) not even a couple of weeks ago, when I was 37 weeks pregnant. No side effects apart from a sore arm that lasted 2-3 days, baby and I are fine.

I’m glad I’ve decided to have it in the end as with all these rising cases I feel safer (although I’m not going out or mixing with people just in case) and also having it while pregnant means I had the Pfizer and not the AstraZeneca (which would have been given to me if I had chosen to have it after delivery). Although very rare, those cases of thrombosis scare me (especially because mine is an IVF baby and I’ve been on hormones for a very long period of time!)

It’s a very personal decision of course, so weigh your options. What convinced me was seeing that ladies having it didn’t have any particular side effects after.

Good luck! ❤️

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Thanks so much for replying. It feels like such a big decision to make but I’m going to go for it 😊 xx

I'm 33 weeks and have had both my vaccines, I had a growth scan last week and baby is looking good and wriggling away. I'm nearly 40, have a high BMI and have gestational diabetes. For me I was more worried about getting Covid, which I had no idea how my body would respond to, and there was evidence that pregnant woman in their 3 trimester were more likely to end up in hospital and you can't be laid on your front which is what they've found helped other patients. It was also showing more likely for woman to go into early labour and for baby to need more help and go to NICU etc.

Whereas the vaccine seems to have very few serious side effects and be good at preventing people getting seriously ill

There was a review of pregnant women in the States of around 40000 pregnant woman and there were no detrimental effects on them or their babies which gave me more confidence to have it too, and this number is only increasing as more people take it.

I personally didn't have any side effects at all with either jab, the first one my arm ached a bit, but didn't stop me taking my toddler to her swimming lesson, so it wasn't that sore. I tested my temperature a few times and it was never raised and I took a couple of paracetamol after the first one, but I don't think I really needed it. I didn't take any for the second jab and was absolutely fine. Good luck with it and for a happy healthy remainder of your pregnancy xx

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Thanks so much for replying!! I’m going to go for it, the pros certainly weigh out the cons. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! Xx

I was really struggling with this decision especially as I'm pregnant after 3 losses in a row. I saw my obstetrician yesterday and we spoke about Covid vaccination (which is Pfizer )and pregnancy. My obstetrician recommended getting my second vaccination was the safest option for both my baby and I. The risk of getting Covid and pre term labour and still birth swayed me ( I lost my second daughter at 20 weeks pregnant last November) It really helped to talk it through with my obstetrician. I've decided to get my second dose in my second trimester although they say it's safe in first trimester I worry with baby doing most of their development then which my obstetrician was supportive of. She said even with doubled vaccination to use extra safety precautions such as masks , social distancing and hand washing when in confined spaces with others. It's an individual choice do talk it through with a specialist and make an informed decision. All the best with your pregnancy Xx

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Thanks so much for replying Jess. I’m really sorry for your losses, I wish you all the luck with this pregnancy ❤️ I’m going to go for the jab, the pros certainly outweigh the cons!! Xx

Hey, I'm 28 weeks, I had my first jab, and will have a second later this week. No side effects after the first dose. Baby is growing healthy and kicking away. Personally I feel much safer starting the third trimester with that extra protection. I'd be too worried about the effects of catching covid on me and my baby. And like others wrote I still am and will be careful.

Hello I had my 1st jab (Pfizer) at 13 weeks and 2nd at 21 as I'm hight risk with underlying health condition. All went very well, mild side effects after the second one (felt sleepy and achey). I'm 28 weeks tomorrow, had a scan an appointment yesterday and the baby and myslef are healthy and well.

I had my first Astra Zeneca before I was pregnant. I am now 20 weeks and won’t have the second one until after it’s born. We can’t yet mix the vaccines and in my opinion there clearly hasn’t been enough relevant tests on the AZ jab with pregnant women and their newborns. I’ll just have to continue being super careful. If I’d have had one of the other two jabs originally I’d be going ahead with the second

It's personal choice but they are now recommending it for pregnant women. I'm 30 weeks and had both jabs (as I work in a school). First at 12/13 then second around 21 weeks. No huge side effects. I was very tired after the second. I feel so much safer with the current rise of covid cases and isolation etc.

Because I had mine earlier than most I had AZ, but I think they are mainly offering Pfizer now.

Good luck

I’m 29 weeks today and will be having my first jab on Friday. I just keep hearing far too many horror stories of pregnant ladies in the 3rd trimester and so I’ve decided to get it done. I felt like the risks of not getting it done far outweigh the risks of waiting till after I’ve given birth. Especially with numbers being on the rise and everything being back to ‘normal’, I just don’t want to risk it. Hope yours went well ❤️❤️❤️

Hi there, I choose not to have the vaccine until after the baby is born and finished breast feeding. I had the first jab before I got pregnant then fell pregnant. My thoughts on it are, because it is such a new vaccine even though they say it is okay for pregnant women they can't say if in the future there may be any effect on the baby. As they have had no time to study that. For me I feel better to wait and have it at a later date than put my baby to any risk.

I also had my first dose just before week 32. I only had a sore arm after the vaccination- it actually lasted 2 weeks, but never felt anything else, so I will take that. Baby has been moving away like normal and I have had several scans since and all has been well with little one.

I felt with cases rising my risk was rising too.. And the risk of premature labour or baby being stillborn if I got really ill with covid was what made me decide to have it.

My only dilemma now is when to have second dose! 😇 8 weeks is due date - and I do not want it around then. So I have stuck to my 12 week booking - but I might have to move it further back depending on how I feel.

It is a difficult decision - wishing you all the best!! Xx

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