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Im 12 weeks pregnant, my first pregnancy, and i am feeling sick all day every day. Ive only ever brought something up a few times. When i heave, its dry and gassy.

Its mainly air that comes out. My tummy is gurggling all the time and i can barely do anything due to my nausea.

Has anybody elses sickness been like this? And are there any suggestions i could try?

Ive tried ginger and the likes xx

Thanks guys.

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I am so sorry you are going through this! It is really frustrating.. i have had all day nausea for the first 3 months, and ended up on medication as i was throwing up every day. But very often i would (and still do) just gag at any smell, feeling my stomach twinge and turn inside. Tried all the tricks in the book, but the only thing that helped me besides medication was drinking plenty of water and taking really slow deep breaths every time the nausea kicks in. I felt always worse before meal times when the stomach was empty so i have been snacking/eating every 2h with plenty of water in between. Best of luck, hope you get better x

BooBoo100 in reply to Ratinski

Yeah i do feel at my worst when my tummy is empty so i might try the snacking. I cant seem to keep down proper food so light snacks its going to have to be i think.

Thanks for responding i appreciate it x

I had the same thing , through trial and error I tried a few things. Ginger tea, ginger sweets, ginger biscuits. Warm water + lemon sipping slowly. Eating little and often if possible but I was dehydrated which made it worse so as soon as I hydrated myself it went away by week 16 all the best

Hi there. I had really bad nausea. I ended up getting medication from the gp. Which helped It eased around 16 weeks. X

So sorry to hear you're feeling so sick. I've got really bad nausea and sickness too, and it's really debilitating.

I'm trying to work full time and all I want to do is curl up in a ball!

Toast helps a bit but I tried drinking full fat coke and the last few days haven't been quite as bad. I don't think it's a long term fix because of all the sugar but worth a go?

A midwife friend also told me to try pressing/pinching firmly the fleshy part on my hand between my thumb and forefinger when I feel sick. Said its an acupressure point. Can't hurt to try!

Good luck, hope we both feel better soon! X

I had this aswell from 6-14 weeks. Needed to throw up all the time but only air came out. I found by snacking on something small every 2hrs and drinking lots to stay hydrated helped. I came across Sea-bands which helped a great deal. They work on the idea of acupressure on the wrists.

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