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Scan photo costs



I have my 12 week scan on Monday and just wondering how much the scan photos are? Do you get one free and then pay for any additional ones?

My friend said she had to pay £5 in pound coins but if I want to get a couple of extra im thinking I better get a bag of pound coins in advance! I only use contactless haha!

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Mine was just a donation which we did. Just take some change and you should be fine. Good luck xx


All of our scan photos from the NHS have been free, they should cost £5 each, but with covid, the hospital wasn’t accepting any money x

Think every hospital is different mine do contactless but got 4 for free due to a student doing my scan. Ring up and find out i suggest xx

Just been for my scan on wed the machine had a do not use and we got about 5/6 photos free I’ve never actually had to pay for photos with previous pregnancies even tho the letter says costs.

Nothing is standard. Everyone says and does things differently. This is my first pregnancy and at my 12 week scan I got told I could only have maximum 5 photos and they are £4 each. I was able to pay by card. The sonography actually gave us 8 scans in total!! I’m sure if I had asked for a few more she would have gave them. I think NHS are stretched due to covid and taking money wherever they can get it. Frustrating but they are doing an amazing job so was happy to pay... I wouldn’t have argued I wanted photos of the scan even though the quality was awful!

All the best x

Mine were £4 each and I didn’t get any free - and it had to be paid in pound coins x

Mine were £4 each, paid for 3 and got 5/6 in total. Also paid by card. My friend who lives in a different trust had completely different rules though!

In our hospital in London photos are £5 each or 3 for £10 payable in cash

It varies by hospital - at ours it was £10 for 3 photos. I think the costs were shown on our scan appointment letter, but that probably varies too! Enjoy seeing your little one xx

Hi, I think its different where ever you go.When I had my scan at 12 weeks the sonographer told me I could have it for free because of covid my husband wasn't allowed in with me. When I had my 20 weeks scan I had to pay even though I went by myself.

It really depends on your hospital. I received the pricing in my 12-week scan appointment letter, I think it said 5£ for 2 pics, 10£ for 4, 15£ for 6. Once there the sonographer told me they were doing the first 2 for free at the minute, and the machine was card payment. I ended up buying 2 more for 5£, although 2 of them were identical, so 4 prints, 3 different photos, for 5£. You can't choose thepics.

They didn’t actually charge us for ours and we were given 5.

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