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Third Trimester


Hello ladies,

I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and people keep telling me to make the most of the next few weeks before I say hello to the third trimester.

I'd really like to hear of your experiences of these last three months of pregnancy - I imagine things do get much tougher with baby becoming bigger and heavier, exhaustion etc but does it really kick in at the early stages of the final trimester? I am currently enjoying the energy I have and definitely want to make the most of it whilst I've still got it :) x

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I honestly didn’t feel any different through my whole pregnancy so everyone is different x

Make the most of it..I'm currently dying! 38+2 I just did a bit of gentle vacuuming yesterday and my back and pelvis feel broken 😩 took me 5 mins just to try and get out of bed! So now looks like I can no longer do anything! Which is hard when you got a man at work working hard and you want to keep the house tidy and cook etc. Its only been the last few weeks it's been bad probably from 35 weeks. Doesnt help I'm carrying a giant baby who is off the chart and was 98th percentile last scan at 36 weeks...I'm guessing hes over 100 now 😩 my advice get nursery, bags and any other nesting over with as early as you can. It will be all worth it I know, but just want him out now xxx

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Aww Niki_B definitely sounds like you're ready to have baby now! Good to know it didn't get really tough until about 35 weeks but yes, I'm thinking of getting the nursery sorted before I get to this point so I can actually enjoy it. There's a few jobs around the house I want to do too, so will try and motivate myself to do them sooner rather than later.I'm not planning to take mat leave until 2 weeks before due date so I'm hoping I'm ok!

Take care of yourself, hopefully baby will arrive soon x

It differs from person to person. I had a great pregnancy and even at the very end, I wasn't really uncomfortable and was still doing the housework and walking a fair bit and running errands and not sleeping too badly. But I know it can get pretty uncomfortable when the baby's squashing everything and the bump gets huge, so maybe try to get things organized while you're still feeling good?

I’m 25 weeks too and have absolutely no energy, don’t fear it and just take everything as it comes xx

Such an unhelpful thing to say isn’t it. Everyone’s experience is so different. I enjoyed the third trimester most (apart from the last couple of weeks where it was just uncomfortable and I was being impatient). I had a difficult first and second trimester so the third for me was the best I felt. once off work I enjoyed taking it easy, having lots of naps, getting the baby’s clothes washed and room ready. I think as long as you don’t plan to do lots and over tire yourself you’ll be fine, Wishing you lots of luck xx

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Thanks Arya10 exactly - I just don't know what I'm letting myself in for! Great to hear your experience was positive. I'm aware things will get a bit harder but I suppose with Covid I won't be going very far or doing too much, so hopefully these winter months will be a good time to prepare and get nesting. Thank you :)

Arya10 in reply to Toffeelady123

You’ll adapt as you go, nothing changes over night. I found I couldn’t walk far as time went on but I still went out for fresh air and took it slow. I needed to pee constantly towards the end so another reason not to go far 😂. My little boy is a January baby so I was third trimester over winter too and it was so nice to cosy up and not feel I was missing anything outside if I just wanted to stay in. You’ll be absolutely fine xx

Toffeelady123 in reply to Arya10

That's good to know. I agree, definitely a nice time to enjoy the pregnancy and put my feet up as opposed to missing out on lots in the summer. Thank you xxx

I felt absolutely fine all through my pregnancy, I never had a day of sickness and right up to the end of my pregnancy wasn't overly tired or uncomfortable. Braxton Hicks were a bit uncomfortable and when baby used to sit her butt under my ribs for a while.

I mostly really enjoyed being pregnant, if you're feeling well now, there's no reason to think that might change, enjoy feeling well and long may it last 😁

Sounds great :D Most definitely, need to make the most of it! x

I'm almost 28 weeks and I was just starting to feel better and two week ago spd kicked in and I can barley walk some days this is my 5 th pregnancy but 4th baby and it's always been this way for everyone but depends on person

Im currently in my 3rd trimester. When i was in my 2nd tri, i thought of leaving everything to the third (cleaning, shopping and whatnot). Then bam!!! Third trimester hit and i cant even move a muscle without feeling tired or aches.

Thats my experience.

Good morning! I’m currently 30 weeks 5 days and honestly? The only difference is I’m a bit more tired and I feel heavier around my tummy. Don’t listen to peoples scaremongering stories - every pregnancy is different and every woman is different so just go with the flow and enjoy it as much as possible xx

I would have had no idea when the 2nd trimester ended and the 3rd began. I really wouldnt worry about it. Yes baby gets bigger but gradually. I deep cleaned my living room while in labour so my energy definitely didn't disappear.

Hey! Congratulations! I wouldn’t worry too much about other peoples experiences, as said above everyone is different! I’m 35weeks today and I’ve been having a tough last couple of weeks with sleeping but other than that I’ve not been too bad at all! And as I’ve finished work it’s not too bad as I can try to catch up a bit during the day when I need it🙈 it’s not that I’m not tired or that I’m not uncomfortable as such my brain just won’t switch off🙄😂 just remember no matter what anyone else goes through/feels that doesn’t mean it will be the same for you🥰 not long now xx

Despite the fact that I was induced at 37 weeks and that my bump was never huge, I developed really painful pelvic girdle pain and also De Quervain’s tenosynovitis in one of my wrists at about 34 weeks which meant the last few weeks were really uncomfortable for me. Up to that point I’d been really fit and healthy and had a straightforward pregnancy, allowing me to still exercise and do most things I was doing pre-pregnancy. Having said that I’d also moved house mid-lockdown which was incredibly stressful and probably put a lot of strain on my body (I didn’t lift things but was on my feet for days on end, trying to unpack and set a house up 6 weeks ahead of the baby arriving).

Hopefully your current energy will continue and you will feel great right up until the end. And at least you don’t have mid summer heatwaves to deal with too! Best of luck with it all x

I started to decline by week 30 getting worse until baby girl arrival at 38 weeks. At 25 weeks I could still walk rather than wobble. It's true enjoy the second trimester. ( First pregnancy baby came at 25 weeks but died so would have given anything to feel terrible in third trimester with my son too.)

Toffeelady123 in reply to ancde

So sorry to hear that xxx

ancde in reply to Toffeelady123

😊 thank you, I was given a second chance, now have a 9 week old daughter. And being 40 I'm blessed with my girl. Good luck x

Toffeelady123 in reply to ancde

So beautiful, I'm really glad to hear it x

I think for me everything was fine until week 36 from then on every additional week came with new aches and pains. Couldn't comfortably sleep, too hot, too aching on one side, couldn't sit on the sofa in one position for too long without hurting, walking became difficult, couldn't concentrate and only could watch basic TV shows that you didn't need to remember the plot line to lolI thought it was definitely my body getting ready for me to have this baby haha

I have uneventful pregnancies usually smooth easy not really that uncomfortable I’ve never had any sickness or craving etc don’t remember being overly tired etc mind I was in my 20’s

Ttc my 3rd I haven’t got out of my 1st trimester this is my 4th time getting to 12w the other 3 I mc. I’m 40 I’m hoping this pregnancy will be easy as my first 2.

Toffeelady123 in reply to gcw104

All the best to you xxx

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