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Is brown blood normal period is due in 2 weeks

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So two weeks before your period? Some people do have bleeding irregularly that's variable between cycle to cycle.

1. Have you been having sex

2. Are you using protection

3. Are you ovulating? If you know your cycle well then search for an ovulation calculator on the web.

Whilst it could be intermittent bleeding, I would advise if you are having sex it could be implantation bleeding as this can be brown or pink. But don't panic because it can also just be a little bit of breakthrough bleeding. I would take a test if you miss a period.

Hope this helps, if you continue to have mid cycle bleeding and it's not pregnancy do see a doctor if you are concerned x

Just to add, I have noticed on another post you had a baby 6 months ago? It is very common for cycles to not return to normal for sometime after birth. Therefore if its bleeding irregular I would put this down to hormones not settling back to normal due to being 6 months PP x

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