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Pregnancy rant..morning sickness is killing me


Hi all, the title of the post says everything.

I am 13 weeks today and my morning sickness is all but gone. It won't ease at all and It seems it's even worse than before sometimes. I really don't know what else I could do. It's affecting my everyday, I feel nauseated and with stomach pains all day long.

The tablets I have been given to ease it, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.. I really feel down.

How do you cope with it? I am also very sensitive to nausea, even normally so it's getting very frustrating.

When did your sickness fade away? I can't keep going like this. My husb is very supportive and nice but I feel he is fed up too. I can't do much in the house, I am debilitated.

Please some support, advice. Thank you

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I would go back to your GP and say the tablets arent working theres others they can give you if so. Otherwise you could try ginger and a few of the other old wives tales you can find on google. It may stop soon but there are ladies who have sickness right thru their pregnancy unfortunately.

Hope you get sorted.xx

Thank you. I haven't tried ginger yet, I don't believe much in those old tales but I could give it a go for sure. Or perhaps I should just call the GP and see what he says. Hope it will go away soon.

This whole post speaks to me!!! From 6-13/14 weeks I was throwing up in excess of 7+ times a day! It’s excruciating and really tires you out. I am on medication too and I take that on the really bad days - seems to work. Other things I have found work for me, chewing gum - stops the gagging feeling and allows me to move around without feeling sick. I also think it’s to do with low blood sugar so I start my day off with something sweet (fruit juice, pancakes, yoghurt, high sugar cereal). I don’t know why but it makes me feel a bit better.

Hope you find your way through this soon. I totally understand how horrible it is x

Thank you for your reply. I hope I can find some confort soon. Unfortunately I tried chewing gums and they do not work for me. But juice or high sugar stuff in the morning seem to help a little. I don't throw up that much thankfully but it's debilitating anyway. I found milk helps and yogurt too sometimes. Not sure why. Thank you, I hope it will ease soon..


I suffered really badly from 6 weeks till around 14/15. I found the only thing that eased it for me was sucking something constantly so I got tons of sugar free sweets and mints and just ate them constantly! Not the healthiest but it helped so I didn't care!

TheSeal in reply to EJThompson2

Hey thank you for your reply. I can try sugar free candies. I don't care either if it is not healthy, at the moment I need some relief.

EJThompson2 in reply to TheSeal

It is really difficult and I know it feels like it's never gonna end but it does! Also ice pops helped a little. But I spent a lot of weeks in bed, not doing much and feeling rotten!

Also, there are sickness bands you can buy on Amazon. My daughter gets travel sickness so she uses them. You put them on your wrists and they apparently apply pressure to the area which reduces sickness. It says they're for travel and pregnant women too. My daughter is 5 but she thinks they work. She used to be sick on the bus to school everyday and since wearing them she doesn't even complain about feeling sick x

TheSeal in reply to EJThompson2

I actually thought about those. I used them when I was young for motion sickness. I just bought them on amazon, will see if they work at all. At least a little. Then I really hope it will ease soon! Thank you for your help :)

TheSeal in reply to EJThompson2

Yes it feels like it's never ending. I am scared I will be like one of those women with sickness all the way through.. Ice pops help me too. And like you, I am mostly in bed or couch doing nothing, it's frustrating and I'm debilitated. I feel sorry for my poor husband

Hi there. I had nausea till around 16 weeks. I tried some tablets from the gp but they didnt work. Went back a few weeks later and tried another tablet which did work. I've forgotten what they are called. But I would see the Gp again. Hopefully they will work for you x

TheSeal in reply to AGKG

Yeah thanks, I will call the GP again, it's probably the best. Thanks for your reply!

nsha in reply to TheSeal

Cyclizine is what they normally give which almost always is ineffective for people, then often they move on to metoclopramide which is also hit and miss.

If you have already tried a few, ask for something called doxylamine-pyridoxine. It’s actually the only anti-sickness licensed for pregnancy but GPs are often reluctant to prescribe it because a) they haven’t heard of it or b) it’s expensive. It’s really effective and they shouldn’t not prescribe it because of cost. Everyone I know who has managed to get some have said it’s brilliant but GPs still hold on to the claim that it’s not proven to be more effective which IMO is a crap attempt to avoid giving. I was very fortunate that my GP gave it straight away.

There is some bizarre culture with reflux and sickness in pregnancy that it’s “normal” and you should suffer through it and a lot of the anti sickness tablets are given in the knowledge it most likely won’t work but they give those ones because it’s cheap and it’s habitual.

TheSeal in reply to nsha

Thank you, that is really helpful. I was given cyclizine just yesterday, I feel sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I will call the GP again in few days, I just called yesterday... But I definetely will ask for those, if you say people who used them say they are brilliant, I want to give it a try. Thank you for your suggestions.

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