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Help are these teeth? Advice please.

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My 11 week old has started getting really grizzly and isn’t happy unless feeding or chewing. Up until 11 weeks he was generally quite a happy baby. According to one of my many apps 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 he is due a ‘developmental leap’ and they can get grizzly around this time. However, in the last few days I’ve noticed some white spots on his lower gum and I’m not sure if I’m seeing things but each day they are starting to look like teeth! Are they teeth or am I Imagining teeth because I’m fearful of the time they will appear as I’m breastfeeding 😬.

So want to ask.., do they look like teeth? If so any tips for breastfeeding a small baby with teeth and what did you give your little one to help with teething? I have a matchstick monkey teething toy on standby. Any other toys or gels etc?

Thanks for any advice x

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Hi these could possibly be teeth..babies can even be born with teeth 🙈..i breast fed for 15 months towards the end my LO had quite a few teeth and occasionally bit me by accident hurt not going to lie..but i dont remember teeth being an issue until she was towards the end of BF...she decided one day she had enough basically. We used Anbesol to help with teething found that quite good...theres a lot of recommendations by pharmacy that will might need to try different ones to find out which your LO prefers/works best xxx

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Well done for feeding for 15months that’s a great achievement. I know it’s possible for them to get teeth so young but just don’t expect it to happen to you 🤦🏻‍♀️. They are definitely teeth they seam to be rising fairly quick. Do you use the anbesol before or when the teeth break through the gums? X

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Yeah i think they def look like teeth can use it for both..just rub it into gums or aroubd teeth...adults can use for mouth ulcers etc too...its good...but i think babies might have to be 5 months or over?!check with chemist x

These look like teeth to me! However, they may still be under the gums and not quite broken through. In which case it might explain why bubba is feeling grizzly.

Have you a visit due from HV you could check with maybe?

Maybe seek out some teething remedies if he’s struggling.

I bottle bed my boys so I’m no help on the BF question I’m afraid!

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Thanks, After seeing them properly again today, I think they are teeth 😬.

Sadly we haven’t had any health visitor appointments due to lockdown. They rang a week after we got home and then i think it was at 4 weeks they checked in again. It’s a shame as it would be reassuring to have his weight and height monitored so I definitely feel we are missing out not having any visits or clinics 🤦🏻‍♀️

Thanks will speak to pharmacist if the grizzles continue.

They are teeth. I found that sometimes babies can ‘teeth’ for quite a long time before any teeth actually pop through the skin as all of their teeth are moving in their gums ready to cut through. I used Nelons teetha powders and when they were in a lot of pain I used anbesol (which you can also use as an adult). Anything you can pop in the fridge for them to gnaw on helps too. When they bite it hurts but I found because I screamed she didn’t do it more than twice xx

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Thanks for your help and recommendations I’ll have a look for nelons and anbesol 👍🏻

Those are a teeth but mine had those just like that from about the same time he didn’t cut first tooth until 8 months 😂 during the time from when I noticed them and the actual tooth cutting there were times where he was a little upset but it wasn’t all the time.

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Thanks for your message. I’m hoping we still have a bit of time then 🤞🏻

I would advice you use baby orajel non-medicated cooling gels for teething like in this review

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