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Gassy during pregnancy


Is anyone else sooooo gassy during their pregnancy like burps and farts 😅 everything I drink makes me burp including water ??? I’m only 8weeks+ 5

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Haha I had this. And still do amd my baby is 3 weeks!! The joys of pregnancy and motherhood!!! Lol xx

Yes!!!!!!! I am so tired of burping! You’re right! Water too!

Hey, I think everyone is same even me I have worst blotting and I am unable to sleep sometime. ☹️

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My bloating is horrendous!!! I already look 9 months 😂

YES!! Its the progesterone in your body relaxing the smooth walls of your bowels. Mine has settled now now I'm 16 weeks ur I've always been a burper haha xx

Hey, around 6/7/8 weeks I was extremely gassy with really rotten farts. I had an upset tummy for quite a few weeks. Your not alone!!

22 weeks and farting and gassy feeling has gotten worse not better. 😲 Keep telling myself it's common. 😁

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