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5 weeks pregnant & no symptoms

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Has anyone else felt like this? I miscarried late last year & the main part I remember about that pregnancy was how horrendous I felt with constant sickness, sore boobs & extreme tiredness?

I’m 100% pregnant, took 4 pregnancy tests (I know one positive is enough, just felt like I needed to take more - all of them had thick clear lines & the digital one confirmed ‘pregnant’

I think I’m just over thinking, as I can’t remember feeling normal in my previous pregnancy. Just wanted some reassurance I suppose that I ain’t the only one not to have any symptoms.

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Hey congratulations hun...

I didn't have any symptoms till I was 10 weeks pregnant, and now I've only got 4 weeks to go....

Hope everything goes well for you

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Aww - thanks for your response. I’m just over thinking I think, being in lockdown & with all this time of my hands doesn’t help I don’t think lovey.

4 weeks left - how exciting! Best of luck hun! X

I never had any symptoms, until I had my scans and felt baby kicking I didn't feel pregnant at all!

Sometimes I feel a bit like I missed out on morning sickness or other normal pregnancy symptoms etc. but then I feel really lucky that I felt so well when you see how horrid it is for some people.

My baby is 9 months old now so no symptoms definitely didn't mean anything for me.

I had zero symptoms until I was 20 weeks. No tiredness, no nausea or sore breasts.

I didn’t have symptoms on both my pregnancies till after 8 weeks. Try not to worry hope all goes well for you x

My first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage, I had nausea from about 5 weeks and absolute exhaustion. I'm now pregnant again, just over 16 weeks and had much less nausea, and it didn't really start til 7 or 8 weeks, it was also not as bad.

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Errxo in reply to Tealharp

Aww! I’m exactly the same, the sickness has said hello this time around but absolutely nothing compared to last time thankfully.

I’m feeling slightly more calmer now xx

I didn't have any symptoms except minor ones,but haven't been sick once. I don't think I really had anything around 5 weeks. Now 23 weeks x

I'm 16 weeks and had zero symptoms, I was also worried but I was reassured that I was just lucky.

In my first pregnancy I had no symptoms atall other than the baby moving. A little heart burn right near the end. Otherwise I had a pretty easy ride pregnancy. This time round, Ive had what I thought was a mild stomach bug for about a month. Weekly cramps as if I'm going to come on my period, indigestion and a bit of acid reflux. I'm 9 weeks so I haven't had a scan yet. I'm just hoping all is okay!!

I had no symptoms til week 7. That day I commented I hadn’t had any morning sickness, and wondered whether I should be worried. Less than half an hour later I made some toast and the smell made me throw up. I didn’t stop til well into the 3rd trimester 🙈

Congratulations x

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