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Breastfeeding and coronavirus


Hello all,

Just wondered does anyone knows what the advice is for breastfeeding if you have coronavirus/been in contact with someone that has?

I know the NHS has stated that pregnant women should be extra careful, but cant seem to find any information on breastfeeding. I know generally its advised to keep breastfeeding when your unwell with flu etc but obviously this new strain is different? Don't want to jinx anything but dont know what to do on the off chance i do end up with it so if anyone has any help or advice that would be great xx

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The best thing you can do is keep breastfeeding so your baby is getting all the anti bodies you're producing. Unless you end up on medication that's not advised to breastfeed on, I'd say keep breastfeeding through it. Especially as children aren't having it as badly as adults then passing on antibodies seems a good way to hopefully minimise the illness in them.

Sez46 in reply to Seb9

Yeah i thought this might be the case, but needed to check. I've discussed it with my OH as we were thinking of weaning off bf as little one is 14 months, but i think considering whats happening im going to continue x

Thanks for the reply x

Seb9 in reply to Sez46

You've done amazingly to get to 14 months, I'd definitely keep going if you can through this scary time, it's so good for anti bodies and comfort as well best of luck to you xx

Sez46 in reply to Seb9

Ah thankyou x

Sending good wishes to you and your family x

The RCOG have published some FAQ, that’s question 23

Sez46 in reply to Helford

Thats great, thankyou x

The RCOG have published guidelines and unicef & le Leche also have information on website. Basically they recommend women do breast feed. However if woman was to become infected recommends mother wearing mask/advice of healthcare professionals. But they don’t think it’s spread via mothers milk. I have newborn baby and I’m going to try and breast feed for as long as I possibly can for my baby. I know such a worry though :( with a little one x

Sez46 in reply to Lbel00

Thats brilliant thankyou, feel better about things now xx

Congratulations on your baby xx

Hey 👋 My little one went for her 8 week vaccinations yesterday and I asked this very question. The answer from my Dr was carry on as normal unless you are unable to do it, and if you can’t express and feed it by bottle, then formula as last resort. My Dr isn’t aware of any issues where breast milk dries up with the virus and baring in mind I live in a very rural area it’s unlikely i’ll come into contact with anyone that has it anyway.

Good luck x

Sez46 in reply to Baypony

Hi 👋

Cool, going to stick with it then i think after everyones help. Scary times but im sure it will all calm soon.

Thank you all, sending lots of positive thoughts and good wishes your way xxxx

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