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My baby is so hairy!

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My beautiful little girl came into the world with a very hairy forehead, ears, back, shoulders and thighs. I am really concerned as when I researched about this baby hair- the Internet says the hair will eventually fall off within a few weeks. However, all my family and friends tell me of babies that were born like this and still have the hair on their back and shoulders as young children!? I don’t know what what to think. Some relatives are advising me to rub the hair off with homemade dough otherwise the hair will stay for life. Who do I listen to? What should I do? It’s been 3 weeks now and I can’t see any hair falling out.

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I'm imagining this is very fine lanugo hair? Just leave it be, it will fall out eventually and it's really no big deal. I had lanugo hair when I suffered from Anorexia and have even got it again during pregnancy, it's never bothered me. Let baby be.

It will fall off my sisters little one had lots of hair on her ears etc, she’s 4 months now and it’s starting to go away if your that concerned talk to your dr about it don’t go off what other ppl say

All 4 of my sisters kids were born with fine blonde hair on their backs and shoulders, it mostly went, only in the light now you can see very fine hairs, they in no way look hairy thought. I wouldn’t worry at all, people love to tell you a good horror story. X

I was born covered in it and it didn't disappear from my upper back. It's extremely fine blonde hair and never actually bothered me. I would just leave it .

My daughter had hairy ears +++ it fell out, took months though not 3 weeks.

Don't use dough to remove it!!! That's essentially waxing, why would you submit that sort of pain on a baby/child!!!

Just leave it alone, I’m not sure how nice it’d be for your girl if you tried rubbing it off, especially whilst she has such delicate skin!

My third child was born 19 days ago, and he has hair everywhere, it’s all over his arms, he’s got basically sideburns ;-), his back is covered etc. He’s SO hairy!

My first child was even worse! And with him I was a bit confused as I’m not hairy, at all. And my husband is the palest English man ever with no hair on his back or chest whatsoever. It didn’t make sense.

I’m pleased to report that that hairy baby is now a very non-hairy 5 year old. He has a very faint non-coloured thin line on his upper back. You can see it when you look right down his back, but the hair is not of any colour and can’t be seen, and there is no hair whatsoever on his arms, face, ears etc.

I think some ethnicities have more hair but from what I’ve learnt a lot of babies, regardless of race, are born

With lots of hair all over but it does disappear, unless you/your partner/race is hairy by default.

Why are you worried? It’s only hair?

Aww how cute I love little hairy ears, I wouldn’t worry

My daughter had a hairy forehead when she was born and it did fall out within a few weeks. It was cute and is a funny little memory now. Don't worry about it.

My son was covered in thick black hair when he was born. It does fall out- he’s 5 now and only has a little bit on his back. However you try to remove it you’re going to cause pain to your baby. It’s cosmetic- why is it bothering you so much? Please don’t try to remove it, you will hurt her.

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