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When did you start baby shopping?

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Il be 15 weeks on Thursday..I am dying to start baby shopping but just feel abit apprehensive. When did you start? Anyone else feeling the same?

Thanks in advance x

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Hi there i started after my first scan main bits like cotbed etc but only started really clothes shopping once i knew what i was having hope this helps x

I think we started with my daughter after 12 weeks. We bought the first outfit then gradually bought few bits each month. If it’s your first you may get lots of gifts from family friends and work

I think you just have to do it when it’s right for you, I’m 26 weeks and have only just brought my first baby grow but that’s because of my anxiety. If you’re ready to start buying things then do x

I bought our pram travel system at 15 weeks as there was a deal. I was having a scan the following week so that made me feel better but once I started I couldn’t stop and we had nearly everything by 25 weeks xx

Family started buying bits after our 1st scan at 13weeks, we brought couple of outfits and teddy. But didn’t actually start properly till had the 20week scan x

I brought my first baby grow at 12 weeks just to feel that I’m actually pregnant. Then after my 20 week scan I started the proper shopping as im quite superstitious and wanted to ensure baba was ok... but everyone’s different so if your ready go for it xxx enjoy..... best feeling in the world xx

I think I was about 30 weeks, apart from the travel system which we ordered at a baby fair. I think that's pretty late though!

I think we will start buying after the 20 week scan, altho like people have said, there will be lots of people who want to buy for you. I get what you mean tho, when is it the right time? But you just have to go with when you feel ready to buy stuff. We went out looking last weekend but didn’t buy anything. Are you going to find out the sex? xx

i must be the only one who started very early lol i started when i was 8 weeks.... i got my travel system moses basket ect and i started with some clothes but they had to be unisex.... i started buying blue clothes as soon as i found out.... its up to you when you want to start shopping for stuff you have to be ready in your self to start buying stuff

I waited till about 24 weeks. Firstly I wanted to make sure the baby was healthy at the 20 week scan as sadly had some friends have bad experiences, and then thought I’d wait a few more weeks after that x

I’m the crazy person that had a few cute bits BEFORE I was pregnant 🤭 however I didn’t buy the big stuff like the pram until after my 20week scan but had gone to find what I wanted about 16 weeks 😀 Depends really on the person, I know someone who had the pram by 12 weeks. Do what feels right for you x

I don’t think I bought pram, cot etc until about 30 weeks but I’d started getting bits like wipes, nappies etc every now and then before that.

To be honest, I don’t really remember buying many clothes at all! We had some people give us things that their babies had grown out of, and I waited until I’d left work at 36 weeks as I knew the kind people at both my jobs would buy me stuff, as did my family. I think I just got a couple of packs of plain vests from the supermarket right at the last minute, as that’s not the type of thing that people buy for you. xx

I started after the 20 week scan

With my son probably about 8 weeks (way too early!) X

5/6 weeks both times, I have no self restraint 🙈 xx

I bought a pram system at about 14 weeks as there was such a good deal. Have not bought anything else yet though. Mainly as I am too anxious and a little bit because I have no idea where to put it xx

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