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I’m 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and so terrified. I’ve actually had to scans and on the second one a heart beat was detected. It was amazing, but I can’t help but be so anxious about this pregancy as I obviously want it go well. I’m also testing everyday it’s becoming an obsession. I’ve experienced nausea and sore boobs but symptoms are up and down, some days I’m tired and other days I’m not. Did anyone experience this?

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Yes it is natural to be up and down. I was only saying today that I dont feel pregnant today, and I'm now 16 weeks. If your scans are all positive and a healthy heartbeat then you can relax a little , congratulations xxx

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That’s very true, I’m okay for like 2 days after the scans and then the worries set in again. That’s a relief to know the symptoms go up and down for everyone! Even later on in the pregnancy :-) thanks so much for your message and congratulations on your pregancy! X

Totally normal, and I've been the same throughout this pregnancy- a complete nervous wreck! I was just expecting something will go wrong, I really wish I would have relaxed a bit as it would have made the past few weeks a little easier, I'm now 16 weeks and just had a scan this morning and all is fine with our baby boy..... Try to relax, take each day as it comes and if you can get off the internet, forums and Google please do! I found for me I was googling everything possible and finding conditions the baby could have that I hadn't even heard of, also I had really sore boobs and then at 8 weeks the soreness stopped which I felt was odd but in the end all was fine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

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You’re right I’m googling all the symptoms daily, it’s definetly no good for my mental health at all. I’m glad you can relate to me though, nice to know I’m not the only one feeling this way!! I’ll start to try some meditation and relaxation techniques too!! Must feel so great to be at 16 weeks!! Congratulations on your pregnancy 😁 thank you so much for the comment! X

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No worries at all :) I wish someone would have told me early on, I really felt like I was struggling at some points with the negative thoughts mainly cos I was seeing a lot of negativity online. Just remember every pregnancy is different, I don't know if you've had losses or trouble but if you have it doesn't mean in anyway you'll have problems again, and time will pass quicker if you just relax, or either way it will just pass and it's better to be chilled than a nervous wreck. Try to do things you enjoy ♥️♥️xxxx

it's the easiest thing for me to say and potentially the most patronising but for the sake of your sanity and your babies health you need to learn to relax. You will drive yourself mad worrying because symptoms will come and go and there will be times when you don't feel pregnant at all at the start of the second trimester specifically. You have 9 months of this so please for your sake no that your body knows what it's doing and its doing the most natural thing it can do. As your baby gets bigger it will pick up on stress so now is the time to learn to keep calm. These kind if forums and also midwives are a great help and support for worries, don't keep any genuine concerns to yourself, there's always people there to offer support or help or someone's been through something similar, but really and honestly try and break the habit of daily testing and multiple scans. You will drive yourself nuts! You have over 7 more months of this. Relax and most importantly enjoy it. Your body knows what it's doing. Good luck and try and enjoy your pregnancy xxx

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Thank you so much, I actually needed to hear this and you’ve helped calm my anxiety. It’s just that I can’t get the past out of my head, but all is well so far and I do need to relax. You’re right, 7/8 months is a long time to feel this way so I need to learn to manage it now. I do need to trust in my body. I do find these forums very helpful and useful, espically as I’ve not told many family and friends at this stage at all. Thank you so much you’ve really helped me tonight! Congratulations on your pregancy too :-) xxx

It’s completely natural to worry especially during the early stages. I was exactly the same with testing, it was driving me crazy worrying about a slight difference in colour from one day to the next. In the end I had to throw out all my tests and be really strict with myself about getting more. It’s really not an accurate way to reassure yourself anyway so it will most likely make you anxious about nothing anyway. I found I just had to force myself to think positively and enjoy it while I could in case the worst happened. I’m 29 weeks and still sometimes don’t feel pregnant (apart from an uncomfortable bump 😂) It’s completely normal to have up and down days. What I’ve learnt is just to be greatful for the days where you feel normal because there will be a lot more when you feel like crap. 😂 xx

You’re definitely not alone in this. I had extremely high anxiety during the first few weeks, thought my heart was beating out of my chest several times. Morning sickness has been very variable, some days 5-6 times a day, other times once or just nausea. Of course as soon as I wished it would ease i’d then worry about the fact I wasn’t throwing up as much 🙄 Throw in some bleeding and two appointments with the EPU and two UTIs, you can imagine where my heads been at and that’s the first 10 weeks!

One thing i’ve done is limit internet searching and even how often I look at this forum - as helpful as the latter has been, the point at which I noticed my brain start whirring I come off the phone/iPad.

Meditation is great and practicing now will serve you well for later too. Might also be worth a chat with the midwife as they usually have a specialist midwife who can offer ongoing emotional wellbeing support. Better to get the extra help now so you feel more on top of things ahead of baby arriving; I certainly intend to if I start struggling.


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