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I am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I have just started to bleed but it’s like a normal period but not mich to fill up the pad. Only when I sit on the toilet and wipe is when I see it more. It’s my first pregnancy

Need help.

Is this notmal?

I’m so worried as I have been reading that it could also mean a miscarriage 😭😭

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I had two big bleeds and cramps at 6 weeks and 6+4 weeks that filled a few pads and I was convinced it was a miscarriage as I’d had one before so I went to my local early pregnancy unit and got scanned. Thankfully everything was fine but it’s best to get checked out xx

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Thank you, that is reassuring, I phoned 111 but now waiting for a doctor to call me back within the hour and they will tell me what I need to do or where I need to go from there

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That’s good. Hopefully they can scan you this weekend xx

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I’ve got to have an assessment at the hospital

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That’s good. I had to wait til the Monday morning to have mine. Good luck xx

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So you can bleed in pregnancy if not too much . During pregnancy

Yeah I rang the EPU got seen straight away when I was bleeding. Hoping everything is ok for you xx

Bleeding in early pregnancy is quite common. Sometimes it’s just from the uterus stretching, it can damage blood vessels but doesn’t hurt baby. I had bleeding when I wiped at the beginning on my pregnancy around 5/6 weeks and I’m now 14 weeks with a healthy baba so far. Hope everything went well at the hospital for you. Xxx

Well I'm on birth control also depo and we aren't using protection

Sorry, I’m confused what you’re replying to?

I'm on birth control but trying to get pregnant I have BEEN on and off spotting brownish blood pink blood. I'm on the depo shot but i won't be getting my next shot 😔 which is this month October 9th 2019 . I don't know could I be pregnant. And could u bleed and be pregnant still

It’s possible to bleed and still be pregnant, yes.

If you think there’s a chance that you conceived while on the depo injection. Then wait 2 weeks from when you think you conceived and do a pregnancy test. If it’s negative and you still suspect pregnancy then I’d wait another week and test again. When testing, use first morning urine and use red dye tests or digital.

To be trying to conceive you need to be completely off any birth control so I’m confused how you’re ‘on birth control but trying to get pregnant’. Since you’ve had the shot it’s unlikely that you’re pregnant.

Seen has you’re on the depo I’d say it’s most likely that it’s the shot that’s causing the bleeding and not pregnancy.

Good luck ttc once your depo has worn off 😊

Bit confused though, I went Hospital and the doctor made me do a urine sample so he can do a pregnancy test. It came back negative, when I got home & did one it said that I am pregnant. 2 different brands said I am but the hospital one said I’m not.

Did they do a blood test?

Nope just a pregnancy test


Sorry to hear your going through this stressful time, did they carry out a scan for you? X

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Nope, the hospital said if it showed up positive they would have done it there and then but I am beong referred back to my GP just so they can reffer me back to the hospital to get a scan

Go back to hospital with the test and tell them your bleeding again, it's better to check 3 times x

My bleeding is almost finished now, I done a test and it’s saying that it’s negative. I don’t know why or what it could be. I’ve got an appointment with the midwife next Saturday hopefully she can help me out as I really don’t know what is going on. My other half said it could be a miscarriage but I really hope it isn’t. 😭

Any help?

I’m having a blood test done this week, then I have a doctors appointment on Thursday

The doctor told me that I have had a miscarriage, my doctor told me that it is common for a first pregnancy to have a miscarriage

hi i just wanna ask if how long did u bleed? days?weeks? is it associated with pains? and while bleeding is there any pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs? or it was gone when u bleed? sorry to ask to much, as i am having the same bleeding but fora week now🙁 Much appreciated if would have time to respond. Thank you

Hi and I only bled for 5 days and I had a bit of stomach pain, like it was painful for me to move fast and nope no pregnancy symptoms, the pains stopped as I stopped bleeding. Hopefully this will help you out. Hope everything works out for you.

I’m so confused, can someone help me please 😫

So I haven’t had a period since I last bled and my belly is starting to get fat and feels a bit solid.

What should I do?

Hi, just reading this post now. Any update?

Hi. I read ur story,and that’s the exact thing I’m going through

I was told I lost my baby but I still have some pregnancy symptoms and my tummy feels hard and looks fat. I’m so confused

Please how did urs go??)

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