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4weekold bubba has really bad cold doctor won't come out


My daughter has the millia rash nd stuffy nose nd gunky eyes but has now also turned into a cold she struggles to breathe nd sometimes chokes. Manage to catch some snot nd bogies but not making much difference. She was given nasal spray at the beginnng to only use once at night I've put on fix around the room nd on me. I don't know what else I can do can anyone help please

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You could try running a bath and shut all doors windows and then take little one into bathroom to help with congestion if you can sit in there for 15 mins.

If you can get some kids olbus oil and put drops on to a dry cloth or hanky and hanging it where your little one sleeps. Xx

Prop the mattress up in her crib so that the mucus isn’t pooling at the back of her nose/throat. It’s miserable when they’re so little. Hope she gets better ASAP

Sorry to hear your little one is unwell and congratulations....

my little one around 4-5 weeks old developed bronchiolitis also there is nothing you can do... however tried to help her with running the bath like a Turkish sauna, had her mostly uprights to help with the snots there where the worst 3 weeks of my life. One of my friends suggested to give her calpol which help lots on the 2nd week. Also bought a humidifier for the room.

Hang on in there hopefully will be over before u know it

Lyndsaytw79 in reply to Jay2017

They can’t have calpol until 2 months and also need to weigh at least 4kg!!

Thanky0u I just want to cry all the time I feel helpless. Ive caught it too so it's very hard especially night time we both can't settle. Oh i never new newborns could have Calpol doctor just sed just got to ride it out

roxannacar in reply to mhaynes_4

Newborns can't have calpol. (Not unless in a hospital setting given by a nurse etc)

If you’re breast feeding put some milk in her eyes. My boy had gunky eyes twice and it cleared it up. Also make sure you’re using boiled water and cotton wool to clean, never wipe twice with the same piece. I believe calpol is ok from 3 months. Snot sucker might help clear her nose as well. Hope she’s feeling better soon. X

roxannacar in reply to PoppyC38

Milk in her eyes? Why? Your breast skin isn't sterile and actually goes into baby's mouth which definitely isn't sterile.

Cooled boiled water yes...

mrsamy in reply to roxannacar

Breast milk has natural antibiotic properties. I was recommended that by the doctor when my LO had gunky eyes and they didn't want to prescribe eye drops.

Yes the skin isn't sterile but the milk is.

YEs true I gave my calpol when she was 2 months...

And for her eyes I use sterile solution. It worked better than breastmilk.... as she was born with a blocked duct

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