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Bottle feeding advice

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Hello. Sadly, i wont be able to breast feed my forthcoming baby due to being on crucial meds. Therefore, im clueless about bottle feeding, as i bf my first.

How many should i buy, bottle size, teat size, make?

How will i firsr feed baby? Do i take ready made cartons to the hospital?

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I brought 10+ bottle with the standard teat in and then went up the sizes when she wanted more than she could get but if your worries you can always get vari-flow teats.

You will also need to get a steriliser, If your in the uk the hospital will supply the babies milk until you go home and then you do it all from there

Hope this helps x

Thankyou. I am in uk. Didnt realise hospitals did this? I will check at nxt appo. Do ypu happen to know what milk they give??

I have a steriliser already, but threw old bottles and looked bit yellow x

Which hospital are you hoping to go to? They aren’t allowed to tell you which formula they use as apparently it’s classed as marketing,

You just ring the bell and tell them you need a bottle and they bring you one... well they do in the south.

I have 16-20 bottles for my little one but I’m a single mum so i got plenty to keep me going x

In the North my hospital gave little - already made bottles Cow&Gate

Hiya will be Hillingdon. Only want to know incase baby gets use to their milk and then i give a different one once home. I had no idea hospitals gave milk as i bf my 1st, thought id have to bring stuff with me some how x

Hi , with my past 3 babies the hospital gave a cow and gate or sma bottle . They usually give you one when you have delivered and then they give one when you’ve been transferred to the maternity ward. They give them at room temperature too. My last little girl wasn’t happy with those milks so when we got home she had aptimal milk and I used 4oz bottles and used to make 2oz every 3 hours then if she drank the 2oz in the week I’d make 3oz . I used number one teats for the first few weeks then when she was able to suck more used number 2 teats about a month or so old. Hope this helps xx

In my hospital they gave sma ready made formula or breastpump if you breast feed.

Did they supply the baby bottle or did u bring bottles? Ty

Best to check with your hospital. Some hospitals only provide their formula if the mum tries to breastfeed but for some reason isn’t able to do so.

If the mum knows in advance that she isn’t going to breastfeed, hospital expects her to bring her own formula/milk.

Check with your hospital, when I had mine we were asked what formula we were going to use, they had about 4/5 different brands! No one on my ward was using the same formula x

Hi, I am new to this forum, but I am currently trying to breastfeed my daughter and she seems not wanting to feed from breast as it is difficult for her to latch on. So, we switched to bottled feed. She seems to like it, but as she was born 5 weeks early she seems not to want to feed every 3h after feeding whole bottle of 42 mg. Does anyone know how to make her feed more often???

BTW, in my hospital we mix breast milk and formula too, they using Cow&Gate

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