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40+4 pregnant!

Hi everyone!

I’m 40+4 days pregnant. I had a sweep on Wednesday, bleed in the afternoon and Thursday morning like blood in the mucus, Brown blood which the Midwife said might happen. Then nothing Thursday afternoon or Friday. Saturday afternoon I started bleeding again, about 4:30, not a lot just more in the discharge and a lot more discharge, like dripping in the toilet, but more light brown. Then Sunday morning about 1:30 I woke up to pee and there was more pinky blood with actual dots of blood in. Again not a lot but enough to show up on three wipes. Went back to bed and when I woke up there was more browny blood in the discharge again, the discharge isn’t thick, is this my plug going or something else? Sorry for the tmi!


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Sorry i cannot answer for sure as my waters broke and then u wnrt i to labour very qyickly thereafter so i have not had similar experience to you? Have you alled your midwide unit? If not please do to be chevked and see if they want you in or not. Good luck x


A mucus plug does look like a big blob of jelly sometimes with blood sometimes clear. If you're not sure call midwives to discuss with them


How are you ? X


Any news?


Thanks for your replies! Well I phoned the hospital and they said because it was brown blood it was all fine! Only need to be checked if it’s fresh red blood! Anyway it all stopped and I’m still pregnant 🙈 can’t have been anything :( xx

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