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'Morning' sickness my ass

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I'm about 10 weeks pregnant and I just really needed to vent about how completely and utterly shit I feel. I haven't actually thrown up, but I feel like I'm going to 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. I'm also getting a lot of trapped air and tummy ache. I feel terrible ALL THE TIME and it is really starting to get me down. If I can't handle this, how the hell am I going to cope with being a mom.

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Hello there Christine! How are you feeling as of now dear? I hope you are getting better by the clock. What you are feeling is normal! Maybe you just are overreacting a little. It is normal to feel like this up until the 12th week of pregnancy. If things keep just like this beyond that point. It would be good to go to a doctor.

Also don't be this hard on yourself dear... Everybody hates being sick. Having to raise a child won't be like this! It will be hard, not at all easy but not like this. You won't feel sick of it. Plus the mother instinct will help. Try surviving for 2 more weeks. Things will get back to normal after that, hopefully! God bless you dear. Lots of kisses and huges for you and your angel xxoxooo

I was never physically sick but felt sick most the time, especially meal times which was my favourite time! It got to the point where I'd rather be sick n feel better than just heaving! Soon as I hit 13 weeks it settled down! Was very strange! I had the very odd day where I feel sick but it's hardly ever now. Hope it settles for You! X

I know how you feel, im 8 weeks and have been bed bound with sickness for the last 6 weeks. Really getting to me too :(

i know its awful and feel like it will never ease but it should only be a few more weeks. Last week at 14 weeks i finally started having days where i felt sick on and off rather than non stop, it now feels much better and i actually miss the reassuring feeling it gave me no matter how awful it felt x

me too I'm 10 weeks tomorrow feel exactly the same :(

Don't worry. It will almost certainly fade within the next few weeks. During the first trimester of my first pregnancy I just felt sick but second time I was sick in the morning and evenings and just felt sick during the day. It will improve and yoy will feel a lot better soon. I was in bed before my son a few times second time around as I felt that bad!

I feel your pain! I was really worn down by MS to the point where I barely left the house apart from for work.

I threw up at least twice a day every day until 34 weeks. After that it was just once or twice a week until my baby was born. Not quite enough to seek medical help but enough to ruin my life temporarily. The constant feeling sick part was really horrible and unfair. I felt like I was robbed of enjoying my pregnancy and if one more person suggested eating a ginger biscuit I was going to burst.

My only advice is to remember it will pass and it will be worth it. Trust me!

It will go but in my experience of friends probably by about 16 weeks so you may have a while yet so finding coping strategies will help.

So does eating help? Smelling something nice? A certain snack?

Don’t get tired that makes it worse. Go to bed really early!

I was being sick around 10 times a day and had to go on medication. I couldn’t leave my house for a month it was awful. And unfortunately it didn’t stop the nausea at all so at least you haven’t actually been sick that’s a blessing.

You might find also not letting your mouth get dry helps so sucking on a lollipop or sweets. It ice cold things like ice pops x

Hey, I agree it's very hard!

I don't have nausea but I vomit so much throughout the day, it's draining me.

I can't seem to find triggers, I've been signed off work and put on mediation. The medication isn't helping but being signed off work has helped as I feel I'm getting some rest.

I'm really hoping it'll pass soon and have heard a lot of people say it does by around 14 weeks so 🤞

Hope you feel better soon. Just remember it's not forever and soon you'll have forgotten about that part and you'll be enjoying your pregnancy 🙂 Xxx

I’m the same - feel sick almost all day every day - worse in the evening and exhausted! Spent all of yesterday and Saturday in bed feeling sick or sleeping. Feeling a little better today but I’m sure it won’t last. Am so looking forward to feeling normal again. I worry too about how I’ll cope if I feel this exhausted now - and am expecting twins. That and the added worry of not knowing what’s going on in there keeps my head in a mess! Hopefully not too much longer to go now xx

I find I'm mostly sick when I'm really tired, I work night shifts and by the end of a 12 hour shift and a bus ride home I fell awful. Fresh lemon and fresh ginger in hot water always really helps me when I'm feeling like that, then plenty of sleep. I'm now 14 weeks and I feel tuns better, barely any sickness x

Thanks guys, I'm sure it will pass eventually and it feels silly to complain about something most women have to go through. But screw it, if you wanna complain about how shitty you feel your entitled! I find that MS is treated and feels very similar to a bad hangover, as both are self inflicted in a way haha. I have to say I'm not enjoying being pregnant one bit, and it's hard to get excited when the kid is causing you so much trouble already and you can't even see her/him yet ;) I look forward to the day that it's over, in the mean time keep complaining if you want to. Your pregnant, the people who love you have to listen lol

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I hated the first 6-13 weeks, I felt awful and was exhausted, but it doesn't usually last much longer than that and the second trimester was So much better. I'd say I've enjoyed being pregnant since then really. It'll be OK, but it's perfectly fine to vent, even if your morning sickness isn't as bad as the next persons, to you it's a massive deal and that's really all that matters

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